Friday, August 2, 2013

Faithful Friday: New Beginings

Summer is stretching to a close.  Where did those sweet, carefree days of theseason go?  I’ve blinked and now rightaround the corner is the scheduled, busy, detail-driven days of school. 

Last night was Open House for both kids.  Tina starts high school, unbelievably, andNoah is in his final year at middle school. Both seemed to be filled with nervous excitement about their newchapters in life.

Noah enjoyed being mistaken for a high schooler as we pickedup Tina’s schedule.  At 6 feet, size 14shoes and all, it isn’t difficult to make that error.  He had even more of a presence in the halls,giant clanking crutches matching his every hop. And we chuckled as we listened to him retell the experience that causedthe unusual accessories he wore to every questioning student and teacher.

Though we are in the midst of prep-mode, already draggingthe kids out of bed early to help adjust their sleepy bodies before the the bigday, I hope we can sneak just a bit of summer fun in these last days.    Our calendar is already bursting forth withthe busyness of back-to-school and even this organized mom is somewhat digging in her heels,wishing for more time with them and unstructured days.

We surprised the kids after touring the schools with a stopat one of our favorite Mexican restaurants for dinner.  It was nice to linger over chips and salsa,dreaming of what the year might have in store. Both were sharing what classes they might enjoy the most, what they weredreading, and being excited for friends they’ve not seen over the summer.  We talked about bullying, helping others, and“being an example,” a phrase we’ve shared often the past several months withthem.  1 Timothy 4:12 is one our family’sfavorite scriptures, for many reasons, and it is also their youth group’smotto.

After we blessed our meal, Noah brought up an idea that hadme choking back tears.

At the end of last school year, we started our mornings with aquick devotion while waiting for the bus and he wanted to bring that back.  I found myself eager for at least this returnto a structured schedule.  As well, heasked for us to have family prayer time before bed. 

Being in Lifegroup and more active at church, the kids havebecome accustomed to more open prayer. Noah at least is now even comfortable in leading prayer circle.  I was so touched and proud at his yearningfor our family to start this practice of sharing our needs and concerns as afamily at some point in our day.  What abeautiful way to start this school year!

Thankful for our lazy summer days, but looking forward to thepromise of more “scheduled” time together with God and each other.



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