Friday, August 9, 2013

Faithful Friday: Storms

Where do you find joy when you’re sunk down in the dark of your living room floor in tears? When the chaos of everything is swirling around you and you’re pleading, willing it to stop. When you’re just plain tired and can’t take one more setback.

Such has been life the past few weeks for us. Like a mountain, troubles seem to just keep piling up. I barely catch my breath from one blow and in comes another. Stormy is putting it lightly.

For the person who likes to be in control and “fix” things, life lately has been laughing in my face. I have absolutely no control in so many of the upsets we’re going through and it just adds to an ever increasing stress level.

Sometimes I just have to chuckle at the inspiration this universe sends me to push through and find the positive. Truly, I’m stating it now…I’m good. I have enough to write books and books about and don’t need to live through any more lessons. Seriously. Good.

As I was wallowing in a pool of pity at 2 am earlier this week, exhausted from working overtime as a caregiver and watching Tim in pain I couldn’t take away, God’s gentle spirit reminded me, “this too shall pass.” And like flipping through a photo book, flashes of others I know suffering so much more than us came to mind. I fell asleep on the couch, crying out to reminders that there was a roof over my head and a comfy spot to rest …that my belly was full…that despite these minor medical hiccups, we still had our health…that above all, we still have each other.

Though I may not know what tomorrow will bring, for today we are all together, safe and sound. We’ve been through that nightmare…we still live with it -and so for each day that the rest of us can enjoy as a family, we’ll count it as a blessing, no matter the storms we face.

You, O LORD, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light. – Psalm 18:28

Since beginning this post earlier this week, some of clouds have faded away and for that I’m grateful. Noah’s navigating crutches and healing every day. Tim’s migraines have ceased and we hope he’s on the road to recovery from surgery, ready to return to work on Monday.

For me, there are still a few trials I have to face but I can bear the burden easier knowing my family is on the mend. And because I’m prayerfully held in the hands of a few dear friends who help me carry it.

Like clockwork, they’ve reached out to me this week. Seemingly checking in at just the moment I needed a lift. Very much an introvert, I can count my truly close friends on one hand. Yet, God has blessed me with prayer warriors and friendships I wouldn’t trade for a sea of acquaintances.

Time and again he’s shown me rainbows in the midst of the storms and brought me out of the darkness. And there's joy to be found in that...


Anna See said...

Love to you on this day. Hope tomorrow is brighter. xoxoxo

heather blair said...

Thank you, sweet friend. I've been holding your family in my prayers the past few weeks, even more than usual. Sending you hugs that your move is peaceful and is nothing but blessings for you all!

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