Friday, August 30, 2013

Faithful Friday: Beautiful Blessings

Thursday was a tad stressful, or rather, inconveniently scheduled chaos I guess.

It was a busy, busy day at work and my ear was numb from back to back conference calls. In the midst, I juggled taking Noah to his ortho follow-up at lunch. From those back to back calls and lack of time to recharge my phone, I found myself in the exam room with a blinking red battery light. Just before it went black my sister began calling me repeatedly.

Instantly I knew that meant baby news!?

But right now??! My phone was about to die, the doctor was on his way in, and I was looking a long night helping my hubby with a benefit at the fire department.

Borrowing my son's phone, for the short time he allowed me to pry it from his hands, I was able to call sis and get the details. Water broke and hospital bound! And I was temporarily stuck.  Poo!

 Noah had to toss me his phone so many times from the texts and calls he finally gave up and relinquished ownership until we were back at the car, where the chargers live.  The good news is that on our exit Noah left crutch-less.  He is now able to bear weight in the boot!  Although the fact that he's not walked on that foot for many weeks made for slow and scary steps.

After a few more hours finishing up work details and yet another long conference call, we were out the door and headed to the department.  My husband was a bit dependent on me and my years of event planning experience to help, or rather boss everyone into place.  All joking aside, I was very impressed with the teamwork of his department and how smooth the night went, despite the busyness.

BDFD hosted a Bike Night, something they hope to do weekly next spring/summer.  Last night's benefited one of his firefighter's wives, who is battling cancer.  We were amazed at the response!  73 bikes, two bands, big crowds and lots of food made for an awesome event.  Can't wait to present this wonderful family with the proceeds.  Blessings!

But I was chomping at the bit to get to that itty bitty baby.  ...Turns out at 3 weeks early and 8lbs she's not so itty though!  The first chance I had, as the crowd started to head home, I was hightailing it out of the parking lot and to the hospital.

The moment that precious little girl was placed in my arms, all the troubles of this world just seemed to fade away.  How sweet she is...and what a blessing for our family.

Welcome to the world, lil miss Elaina Rae.  

I prayed for this child, and the Lord answered my prayer. 
He gave me this child.  1 Samuel 1:27


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