Sunday, August 18, 2013

JOY in every day

Finding JOY in every day are the first words you see upon opening my blog. It was the concept and inspiration for starting this journey. It is what drives every post. And it is what brought me out of bed five years ago when I was in my deepest, darkest days of grief from losing Austin.

Yet, I've noticed I've been a little void of joy these past several weeks. I've let troubles of this world overcome the ultimate joy I know.

In my quest to start this year anew, I'm getting back to basics. Not just finding it, but reveling in the joy.

"I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

Posting Friday I noticed a theme. So far this month the only time I've consistently written has been for my "Faithful Friday" series. That's been the case for a large percentage of my posts the past few months. But there's joy to be found on more than just Fridays.

So where else has there been joy this past week?

Celebrating my niece's 18th birthday and feeling her joy in being with siblings & family on her special day. An extra worship opportunity last Sunday night, as our praise band played at a local snow cone shop. family & great music. Watching Tim feel baby Rae kick from my sister's belly. Schools days saw the return of Rose & Thorn. The bonus of beginning the day in scripture with the kids, each of them reading a daily verse. Grounding our morning with family prayer before parting to start our days. Unlikely, beautiful fall-like temperatures made for some amazing weather. Drawing from the peace my windchimes brought off the back deck. Two new recipes tried and loved. Texts from my aunt. Snuggle time with Noah in his big comfy bed. Two kids wanting so desperately not to miss Wed night youth made for juggling of rides and schedules, due to a painful rib, but it reminded me of a patient husband and willing friends ready to step in. Negative test results. Thank you, Jesus. A special friend, who miles may seperate, but is always there. Being held in prayer and having the blessing of praying for others. Lunch with my mom & little sis. Special, heartfelt words from volunteers and friends. Dad coming through surgery and going home. Laughing so much it hurts (which isn't hard to do these days!) Tech free family time. Pastel sunsets. Farmer's Market. Hearing Tina's excited recap of a Christian concert with friends. Time with God.

And those are just what this broken old body can quickly recall. May I start this week pausing in every little joy, praising him for the moments, and counting my blessings along the way.

Joyful wishes for your week ahead...

P.S. Sorry for the sloppy formatting and photo. Blogger is not playing nice again...but I'm not letting steal it my JOY!


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