Monday, March 24, 2014

Home for Dinner

Family gathered at the dinner table has always been important to me, probably because that is how we grew up.  Mom never failed to have a home-made meal on the table for us after school each day.  On the weekends and during the summer, even our lunches were had there.  Together.

Both of my grandmothers carried this tradition too.  Family gathered at the table.  Always.

The dinner table is where so many of my childhood memories are held, even when food wasn't involved.

When Tim and I married, it was important to me that we continue this family custom.  I looked forward to our meals together each evening, even if it sometimes included the burnt fiasco's of newlywed cooking.

Throughout our life of raising kids, having meals together as a family wasn't always easy.  We juggled college, chaotic work schedules, babies, and the life of a firefighter.  Sometimes we couldn't help but eat apart or at different times, but for the majority of our meals, they were together.  Because it was important.

In fact, I remember having a somewhat uncomfortable conversation with a former supervisor, who didn't see the value of being home in time to have dinner with my kids.  "It's not going to hurt for your kids to have a frozen pizza a couple nights a week without you," still rings in my head.  And I'm grateful that I dug my heels in and made it work -for my family- to the best of my abilities at that time.

The past couple of years we have gotten a tad lazier, choosing to often have weeknight dinners in the living room. The tv normally isn't turned on until after we eat, it is just sometimes comfier to eat from a couch versus the hard wood after a long day.  We still huddle in prayer, hands held, in the kitchen before we retire to wherever we are eating.  And we make it a point to have at least a couple meals at the table each week.  For the past month or so, we've added the rule of a tech free table (no matter where we are) and my only regret is that we didn't do this sooner.

No matter the location, it is the pausing in thankfulness to God for providing the meal, the lifting up in prayer the needs of our family and world, and the quality time spent learning about each other's day that make mealtime in the Blair house so special.

There's another famous family that makes time for it regularly too...

Duck Dynasty

Though this tradition is partially just how I was raised, it was comforting to hear our pastor speak to it yesterday during the sermon.  Even Jesus shared the importance of gathering together regularly to learn, spend time together, eat, and pray.

And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching, 
to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and to the prayers. Acts 2:42

Sounds a lot like the mission of our Lifegroups too.....(meet, eat, pray!)

And even though we are pretty faithful followers of this custom, we made sure to enjoy last night's meal at the actual table and linger a little more than usual.  Real conversations were had.  Laughs were shared.  Thankfulness was lifted up.  Family was strengthened.  And it was good.

Do you make family meal-time a priority in your house?  
What's your favorite family meal?


Kimberly said...

When I was growing up, we never had meals together. I always found it awkward eating at my friend's homes because we never did that. When I married my husband, I made him promise me that we would always sit and have dinner. I love it. It's the only time when we are still. Of course we have those lazy living room days :)

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