Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Break in Spring

Spring Break has come and gone...
Tomorrow starts a new routine for me, familiar ones for the rest of the gang.

We say farewell to late nights and naps in the afternoon.
To eating far more than we should've, but it was oh, so good.
To carefree, no schedules, where clocks don't matter.

It sure was a good run and I feel blessed to have had the time.

We kicked off the break with a family day at the zoo.  It had been awhile since we'd gone as a group.

Growing up this was an annual trip, sometimes multiple times a year, with my mom and stepdad.  Traditionally, we'd end at the park across the street with a picnic lunch.

This April day was a wee chilly though so we opted for a yummy buffet at Golden Corral.  How can you go wrong with all you can eat cotton candy and a chocolate fountain with strawberries!?

I love this pic my sister captured of me and my itty bitty niece, Elaina Rae....

Monday the kids went to Mamaw's and gave me some alone time to do some of the heavy spring cleaning I'd been craving.  I balanced it nicely though on Tuesday morning with a shoe shopping trip, a heavenly facial, and lunch with my aunt and Grandma.

Still loving my Kitchen Aid mixer, I whipped up my first ever from scratch
And learned that you really do have to wait until it is completely cool...

A little sloppy but it didn't change the shut your mouth flavor one bit!

Wednesday, after a lazy good morning with the kids watching movies, 
I finally finished the winter to spring clothing swap.  Whew!

Now, where to put those new shoes?

Thursday we spent the morning at the park letting the kids be kids.
And then the afternoon at my uncle's pond.

Of course, getting to the pond was part of the fun, 
as it was more of a "truck route" and I was in my car.

Good thing I got hung up within in close distance to the pond, so we could fish while waiting for AAA!

When I called Tim to tell him I was stuck, he laughed it off and said 
"have Noah cut the line."
After I nicely explained we hadn't even made it to the pond, he laughed harder.
Really?  Did he think I'd call him if my fishing line got stuck?  

Friday Tim was able to take the day and go out with us.  
Sorry, I completely skipped my "Faithful Friday" post as a result!

We took the kids to a mini golf/laser tag place that I'd scored a big discount with a Groupon months before.  Outdoor golf...and I finally won a game! 
 Indoor where Tim redeemed his usual reign.
Then laser tag where I came in dead last.  Seriously, I think my gun was messed up.
And our first trip ever to Red Robin...

Our last blissful day of break was spent at the lake, 
where hours later we had only 4 fish to show for our efforts, 
but many memories of a wonderful week together.

How did you spend your spring break?


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