Monday, April 7, 2014

Simpler Times

I've been on a quest for days of old.  From the time of my childhood where less was more.

Several weeks ago we brought back Tech Free Time, where every evening all things techie go on the desk.  We have dinner while having face to face conversations; and a couple hours devoted to each other, instead of letting gadgets steal our precious moments.

Learning how to bake bread came at a great time, as I've been more conscious of the food we're eating.  Less processed, more made from scratch - the way Grandma did.  Last night I made chicken Alfredo lasagna and homemade breadsticks.

Tina said, "how do you even make alfredo?  doesn't it just come in a jar?"

I've trimmed and cut, shuffled and rearranged the budget the past few months, thanks to my unexpected stint in unemployment.  My coupon scissors have been dusted off and finding deals has again brought me joy.  And now, we're ready to downsize our television.

Because $1200 is an insane price to pay for watching a big black screen.

Of course, the kids think I'm a little insane.  But truly, with as many choices as are out there now, I just can't justify being a slave to satellite prices.  Where price cuts are only given to new customers and loyalty is rewarded by increased bills, it is time for me to say farewell.

We've had Netflix awhile and I was familiar with other viewing options, but I worried about losing our local news (and giving up Good Morning America).  Up until a few days ago, I didn't realize antennas still existed. Or rather, I didn't know how advanced they had become.  In my mind, I still imagined rabbit ears with tin foil attached.  And that really doesn't match my decor.

But after a trip to a local gadget store, and an afternoon with hubby on the roof, we now have 20 FREE channels.  Adding in Hulu for the bulk of regular shows we watch and cancelling satellite gives us a monthly savings of $87!  Now, if I can just convince the family that a chicken coop is ok for the suburbs...


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