Friday, August 29, 2014

Faithful Friday: Finding Rest

What are your plans this long labor day weekend?

Whether it is cookouts, time with family and friends, camping trips, one last jaunt on the lake, or tackling a home project, I think a common theme in anyone's holiday weekend is the joy of an extra day.

For many, the thought of rest comes to mind.  An extra day to sleep in or just linger as summer says farewell.

Around here, rain threatens to dampen many plans, but I guess it makes it lucky for us that we really didn't make any.  Knowing Tim is on call for multiple areas this weekend, we decided it was best to go with the flow.

If I can get one gallon of homemade ice cream made, spend time with family, sneak in some fishing on the boat (rain clouds not included), and take a few naps, I'll be one happy lady.  My September calendar is looking pretty crowded so resting up will be much appreciated for these tired old bones.

An unplanned Labor Day weekend takes me back to our last with Austin.  We shared an extra special one that year, not just because it was our last, but because on that spontaneous trip time seemed to stand still.

Our entire day was unplanned and unscheduled with new and exciting activities. 
Such a simple holiday, filled with precious memories. 
I imagined Pine Knob as a little piece of Heaven and like to think that Austin now lives among beauty and peace such as was found on that perfect summer day.
You can read more of that day here on Austin's blog.

While we all long for that eternal rest we'll see someday, such peace is available in the here and now.  When you fully give your heart to God and trust in Him with all of life's worries, he sends a peace that is indescribable.  I know because I've felt it.  It's been a gift in the most traumatic and dark times of my life.  

But there's a joyful peace too that I carry with me too, always.  He's there shining down on the sunny days and within me on the not so sunny ones...There's rest in Him on everyday stresses and times of chaos.  Of juggling schedules and feeling the pulls of motherhood.  Of expectations we set on our ourselves that we never quite reach.  Of the darkness of this world.  

Whatever I'm facing, I know that I can lay it at His feet and find rest.  I pray this for you too, my friends.


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