Friday, August 8, 2014

Faithful Friday: Time

"Are you there, Heather? It's Me, God"

Sometimes I wonder if this is how God feels when I've had a scattered day....or week....or summer.  When I let my to-do list bump the most Important to the side.  When even my best intentions fail miserably and I plan yet again to do better tomorrow.

When I haven't made time for the One who gives me time.

Anyone who knows me at all, would say that I'm good at time management, great even.  It's something that has always come natural to me but throughout my life and career it's been necessity.  Maybe part of it is being the first born - or coming from a family with habitual lateness that drove me crazy.  I'm sure some of my skills came with being a young mom juggling both college and working full time.  And it was helpful to have a short stint in teaching professional development, which focused on time management.  As I have most of my life, if I'm going to teach it, I better preach it myself.

Which brings me to my point, and the topic of today's post.  I haven't been very faithful in my time with God...meaning I haven't managed my time well.

Yes, I have multiple reasons (er, excuses) like changing jobs, summertime, and chronic fatigue but truth be told, there's a lot of days I just didn't schedule enough time with Him.  And I'm the one who suffers from it.  Though I often crave physical rest, I know that what I really need is rest in Him.

While it might sound crass to "pencil in" time with God, I'm sure He'd rather appreciate me setting special time aside instead of tossing up flares and screeching in for a quick check-up here and there.

This dawned on me last night when our pastor admitted the same struggle.

On a side note, let me say how refreshing it is to have spiritual leaders who are up front about their shortcomings.  None of us are perfect, we all make mistakes.  The key is learning from them and then sharing to build each other up.  I love that our church supports and encourages us, instead of looking down their noses at us, like we are a different breed.

It helps to know that others mess up too, which is maybe why I'm so forthcoming with my faults in this blog. I figure it is worth spilling my guts, if it helps at least one person.  So, who's with me today?

Do you ever feel as it there just isn't enough hours in the day?  Like you're running on empty?  Like your "check engine" light is blinking but nobody has time to take it in for a tune-up?

Even though God is there for the emergency situations in life, He doesn't want to just be a band-aid.  God desires to be there every mile along your journey.  Up the hills, down the valleys, but most all through the plain-nothing-to-see roads of life.

My commute/prayer time is something I've missed since changing to a job five minutes from home.  I never thought I'd complain about not having to drive 45 minutes to work (and there's LOTS about that I don't miss) but my quiet time with God has suffered.  I was guaranteed two blocks of time, at the start and end of my day, to just talk and listen.  That time was precious.

Now, the responsibility falls on me to ensure I set aside time each day.

For now, I'm learning and adjusting.  My schedule changes daily (which I enjoy) but it does make it more difficult to be consistent.  Although my alarm clock is groaning with the changes of back to school, I am looking forward to a steadier routine.  And praying it helps me carve out time with the One who means the most.

How do you manage your quiet time with God?  When do you read His word?  I'd love to hear from you!


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