Friday, August 22, 2014

Faithful Friday: Patience of a Pea

Sitting here stewing a bit and wondering how I'm going to get in the right frame of mind to bring you a Faithful Friday post.

The fact that it's nearly 6 pm and I haven't even begun one should give you a hint to the hectic week I've had.  Though I enjoy the routine that back to school brings, it certainly hasn't been a seamless transition.  This mom has played taxi and delivery service more times than she can count.  And we're only into our third week!

Most of my running has been because someone forgot something somewhere.  

I'm trying to be patient and kind, really I am.  Honestly, I am probably being too nice because right now, I'm still transporting said people and items.  At some point this school year, there will be a "suck it up" responsibility announcement.

For now, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt that they are young and high school is crazy and easing into the structured schedule after a carefree summer isn't the easiest to do.

But tonight's moment that has my temperature rising and blood pressure elevated isn't because the kids forgot to do something, instead they were responsible, but the adult in charge was not.

Yet, as I'm mumbling and grumbling under my breath, God whispers and reminds me,
"What's the difference?"

I should give the same grace to everyone, not just those I live with. Wouldn't I want the same for me?  In fact, don't I get the same from Him?

If I'm truthful, my patience has been wearing thin the past week so tonight's mishap probably seems worse than it really is.  Normally those things that become our pet peeves are really warning signs, an internal check engine light showing us areas we need to work on.

Sure, the said party could certainly benefit from a session or two on organization and time management.

But what I've learned most is that the lesson for me this Friday is to spend a little more time in prayer ripening my patience fruit!


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