Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Joy in...Laundry?

I had another unexpected day off due to the snow today.  In the past, a snow day still meant a work day, as I could conduct business from the house.  Now, being that I do home visitation, it is a little difficult to conduct via my couch!

Though the comforts of my living room, complete with a fireplace and a never-ending queue on Netflix beckoned me, so did the growing piles of laundry at the foot of my bed.  After about the tenth towel folded, I sighed.

This was such a boring way to spend a vacation day.  

And then a memory flashed of about a decade ago, when I'd give just about anything for the ability to do something as simple as laundry.

I recalled my recovery from our motorcycle wreck and how, once out of ICU and recovering at home, I'd push a laundry basket with my walker to the utility room.  In the evening, as hubby arrived home, he give me a shake of his head and a "LeAnn...." letting me know of his disapproval.  But he understood my restlessness of a long recovery, for he wasn't many weeks ahead of me.

Each day I'd spend all my energy doing something - anything to make it easier on him.  And I was grateful for it.  Happiness in putting a casserole in the oven.  Contentment in washing a load of dishes.  Joy in folding laundry. Even if it meant the rest of the day would be spent in bed from the effort.  I was thankful for the task and the ability to do it because it meant I was still here, with and for my family.

So my sigh was quickly sucked back in today.  How quickly we forget....
And I smiled with the mating of each and every one of those patience-testing socks!

Wherever life finds you today, I hope you can find joy in it too.


www.seeingthestrals.com said...

A nice reminder of what we can so easily take for granted.

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