Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Why I Chose Essential Oils

A little over a year ago, I began researching essential oils.  I was facing unemployment and for the first time in my life, I was also uninsured.

For someone with an autoimmune disease that catches colds over the phone, it was a scary place to be.  Knowing I couldn't afford to just run to the doctor if I became sick, my search for healthier options kept leading me to essential oils.

Finding (a company I can't tell you the name of), researching further, and even seeing it on blogger friends' pages, I went as far as nearly becoming a member.  And then chickening out at the last minute.  What did I know about using EO?  Where in the world would I start?

So, I put it on the back burner and moved to using vitamins whenever I felt sluggish.  By the grace of God, I made it through the next year only being ill enough to need antibiotics once.  Even then, I only took them to get back to work sooner.

In reality though, antibiotics rarely made me feel better.  And I hated being so dependent on medicine.  I watched others have to take a full dose, and then go back for another, because it didn't help.  I really wanted a more natural approach.  I wanted to take preventive measures.  I needed a healthier choice for my family.

A few weeks ago, I read about a friend's experience using EO on Facebook.  So convinced in the product, she scheduled a workshop to share the product with others.  And I was lucky enough to be invited.

When I walked in, the lady passed around peppermint oil and offered to anyone wanting to try.  Suffering from allergies, it is rare I can breathe through my nose at all.  That night, my left side was completely blocked.  Within 15 minutes of taking, I could breathe through both sides!  I also drank a water with lemon oil and, while I don't know of any immediate benefits, it was very refreshing.  Later I learned it could be used as a detoxifier.

By night's end, they probably thought I was the quickest, easiest sell in history, but in reality it was the missing piece of the puzzle I'd been waiting for.

This week, my oils arrived!

The day it arrived Noah was complaining of a headache (rare for him) and Tina was scratching her arms from an eczema outbreak.  Reading for recipes and instructions, I put peppermint on Noah's temples and lavender on his foot.  For Tina, I mixed up a few into coconut oil and had her put it on her arms after her shower and again this morning.  And Tim and I snoozed off into lullaby land with our diffuser.

This morning, I certainly felt more refreshed.  In fact, sleeping so soundly, I nearly didn't make it in time to the restroom this am!  Oops!  Noah shared that he fell asleep in the middle of his show, something he isn't known to do, being a night owl.  And - his headache was gone.  As of this post, I've not seen Tina for her results, but this morning she said it was slightly better, after only one application.

I'm still new but am so excited about learning more on essential oils.  If you're in the area, I'm planning an informational workshop next week.  If not, I'd be happy to chat with you online.  In the meantime, you can visit my site here.

Do you use EO?  I'd love to hear from you and the successes you've had.


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