Friday, February 13, 2015

God Nudges

I love the way the Spirit speaks into our lives, if we just open our ears and heart to listen.

A lot of the time, being selfish and stubborn, I dig in my heels, make excuses, or try to ignore God's gentle nudges.  Often, when I do, He'll use something to give me a bigger push.  Sometimes refusing to listen leads to unhappy circumstances, but often it's regret in missing out what He had planned for me.  More and more I'm trying to listen early to Him and receive the blessings and benefits right away!

The past few weeks He's been whispering on my heart about a few things and I've tried to push some of it to the side.  Sometimes I struggle with wanting to please others, even when I know it isn't what God would want me to do.

Time and again this week, He's sent me scripture and stories, relating to my earthly-tuggings.  Trying to nudge me on the right path instead.

The other day, while driving around for work, I caught a story on the radio of a woman going through the same struggles.  She'd prayed about something, knew she shouldn't do it, but went anyway to please her boss.  The outcome was a mess.  And then he sent me a scripture that summed it all up.

It was clear He was speaking to me.
Immediately I was convicted and let go of my needs to listen to His.

I call these "God nudges."  And I'm grateful for the place they have in my life.  They are a reminder that I'm not here for my pleasures, my desires, or my needs.

My husband shared a similar situation he's been in this week. Counseling a friend they shared, "but how do you ask for forgiveness when you know you're going to do it anyway, even if you know it is wrong?"

I've been there.  I remember when the struggle wasn't as hard.  When the nudges were softer and I allowed myself to disconnect and push them aside.

And back then, some of those might seem completely innocent to you - things like language, or watching something I shouldn't, or gossiping, or just avoiding spending time with God.  Then, living life for me was much easier.

What I shared with Tim clicked for him and maybe it will help you too, my friend, if you're struggling with something this week.

The closer I draw to God, the easier it is to resist the earthly pulls and temptations.  

Do I still fail?  Yes, (see above)!  But the nudges come quicker and it is harder to ignore when my relationship with God is strong.

As we near to Valentines, a day of love and expectations, we sometimes use it as a measurement of our relationship with others.  If he loves me he'll buy me this.... If she loves me, she'll do that....

But our worth to each other can't be fulfilled with anything we do or purchase in a store.  Our relationship is strengthened when we spend time together.  A partnership requires this.  How can you really know someone if you don't spend time with them?

And that is what God desires from us too.  The more we connect to Him, the stronger our relationship becomes.  The closer we walk with Him, the easier it is to hear His voice in our daily lives.  And when our marriages/relationships are focused on Him, the more solid they become as well.  Because without God, happily ever after isn't possible.

I'll close by sending you back a year ago to a post about a fairy tale marriage 
and how to ensure your own "Happily Ever After."

Hope your weekend is filled with the One True Love!


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