Saturday, May 14, 2011

Break a Leg!

Mom might say my love for theatre began very early, from the amount of drama I could bring into any given situation.  I'd say my passion for theatre came in high school, under the direction of Mrs. Ranney and Mrs. Elmore, our Drama Club leaders.  Either way, I've long had a love and appreciation for the performing arts.

Back in March, I auditioned for an upcoming play, "Alibis" at our local community theatre.  It's a whodunnit mystery with a comedic twist and although I'd never read the or heard of it prior, I tried out for the role of the nun.  Performing in the role of a nun sounded like fun on it's own, maybe because I've always enjoyed "Sister Act" movies, who knows.  When I learned this particular nun had taken a vow of silence though, it sparked my interest even more.  Happily, I was given the part!

The past several weeks have been a bit crazy, juggling work and the regular busy season that spring tends to be, along with opening a photography business with my cousin.  Tossing in several play practices a week certainly hasn't been easy, or the best timing, but it has been loads of fun.  I adore this character and still laugh at every line in the play. 

I've had a blast being back on the stage again.  I'm not just comfortable on a stage, I feel whole when I'm there.  While some may be surprised that the sometimes-quiet-and-reserved-Heather could enjoy being on stage in front of a crowd, it's who I am and what I love to do.  From memorizing the the mess-ups during practice that lead to the nervous excitement of opening the first glow of the spotlight...all the way to that final bow, I joyfully soak up every moment. 

Last night was our first show and, for opening night, it went very well.  Waiting backstage for my first cue, I took a deep breath and tried to hide the big smile I felt inside.  Because, after all, once I entered through the front door on stage I was no longer Heather, but instead, "Sister Bella Donna" - the silent nun!  However hidden Heather was though, she sure did have a ball...and can't wait to do it all again tonight!

(If you'd like to come see this play and amazing cast....join us, there's still time! 
 The show will start tonight, Saturday May 14, at 7:30 and continue tomorrow, Sunday May 15, at 2:30.  Next weekend will be our last showing Fri & Sat, 7:30 - Sun 22nd at 2:30.  All shows are in the top floor of the Courthouse in Hartford in the Courthouse Players Theatre.  Tickets are $8 for adults and $6 children.  Hope to see you there!!)


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