Friday, May 6, 2011

Cinco De Grandma

Today may be known all over the world as "Cinco De Mayo" but I know and love it because it's my Grandma Coons' birthday.  Although I had to call and schedule a date with her, I surprised her with a lunch out to celebrate. 

At 82, Grandma is still active as ever.  She stays so busy volunteering at her church and taking care of her family, it's often difficult to catch her at home.  We often joke with each other about who stays busier and that we need assistants just to pencil time together.  Knowing this, I opted to call her the day before and actually set an appointment to take her to lunch!

She was pleasantly surprised and more than willing to go; however, she did have other plans to work around that day.  And just like my Grandma, nothing involved celebrating her day.  Truly selfless, she would be spending the morning volunteering at the clothing closet.  I made arrangements to pick her up at the church and the date was set.

When I arrived she was elbow deep into helping and serving, ignoring the other ladies who told her she could leave.  Stubbornly independent, she set to finishing her tasks, determined to stay as long as needed.  Once I got her corralled, her friends sang her "Happy Birthday" out the door, with an arm full of presents and sweets.

Though she wouldn't pick a restaurant, I knew that Cracker Barrel was among her favorite choices.  I had to chuckle as we walked inside, with Grandma breezing past the rocking chairs almost faster than I could keep up.  Although her vision has suffered from previous strokes, once she's on course she doesn't slow down.  In fact, she sped out of the restaurant so quickly while I was checking out, I worried she might fall and hurt herself. 

This worry was valid, as she shared with me at lunch that she'd fallen the day before.  And, true to Grandma's nature, she crawled to a pole alone, pulled herself up, and carried on with her day, not even stopping to get checked by a doctor.  This drive and determination are two of the many reasons I love and admire her so.  She's never had an easy life, even had more than her share of life's tragedies, but has always remained strong, physically and spiritually.  Throughout the years, I've never seen her doubt God, never witnessed her faith waver, or her praise for Him ever cease.  

I'm blessed to have her as role model, grateful to know the love of such a special woman, honored to call her Grandma.  Happy Birthday, Grandma....I love you!


Tinker Belle said...

Love this Heather....She sounds like my Grandma Morris who I lost too soon.

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