Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Love Language

I've written posts before regarding, "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman.  I'll say again, if you've never read it - you're missing out.  (And really, Mr. Chapman should start giving me a referral % of his sales!)  Anyway, my love language, without a doubt, is Quality Time.  Second on my list, is Acts of Service.  Basically, if you are doing something with me or for me, I feel cared about and loved.

Being active again in community theatre has certainly helped in "filling" my love tank the past week.  With the exception of opening night (which I always request friends/family avoid), I've had loving fans in the audience for every performance.  There's just something about knowing that someone took time out of their busy life to come and see you that speaks to the heart.  The theatre could be crowded to capacity but what means the most are the seats filled with those I hold dear.

Peeking out from a crack in the door of my opening entrance, I scan the crowd each night to see who has made it.  Sometimes I know in advance who is coming but still like to know the general area they are sitting in.  Sometimes, I am surprised.  I tend to favor the surprises as they just give me an added boost of confidence and joy before entering the stage.

Last weekend, my favorite littlest niece attended, who is only three; but she sat through the entire play like a seasoned adult.  Hearing her giggle and catching glimpses of her smiling on the front row just enhanced my performance.  There's nothing better than spending time with those you love, or better yet, knowing someone is spending time on YOU! 

Among my best moments have been the extra time spent with Noah through doing this play.  Both in helping me learn my lines at home and being my lil stage hand at the show, I've thoroughly enjoyed every second spent with him.  I think he's caught the drama bug and I couldn't be happier!

In a few hours, I'll be heading to make-up for my final evening performance of "Alibis" (sniff, sniff).  While I'm certain tonight's crowd will be among the largest we've had, my eyes will only be scanning for those I know and love.  Hearing their laughter and applause will mean the most, all the way through my final show on Sunday.  I'll take away many memories from this play but through the years the ones which will remain are the snapshots in my mind of my "biggest fans" who came out to support me.

The cast of "Alibis" performed by CHP
Me as...."Sister Bella Donna" - the silent nun


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