Monday, May 30, 2011

My Guy

The past few weeks Noah has seemed to grow overnight, every night!  He's a big 6th grader now, proudly passing 5th with straight A's.  His looks are changing, as he's cut his hair for a cooler summer style and easily looking at me eye to eye.  And he's maturing, seeming ever more helpful and responsible, sometimes well beyond his years.

He's recently picked up several yards to mow in our neighborhood.  It'll keep him busy and give him some spending cash; however, he wisely opened a savings account last week.  I let him take the lead from start to finish, including calling ahead to find out what he needed and taking the reigns at the bank.  He socked away the majority of his income and calculated ahead to see what he could potentially have saved by summer's end.  Word got to me (small town, local bank) that the man who helped him set it up commented later that Noah was "one of the smartest 12 year olds he'd ever met."  And of course that made this momma smile!

Summer hasn't even officially begun and already he seems to have a more active social life than his parents.  This weekend he went on a group date, spent a huge chunk of time (and all his "spending cash") at the Strawberry Festival, and enjoyed time with his cousins at a cookout and swimming.  At times, I felt like we had to make an appointment to see him!  Offering a night at the Drive-In and making hot potato salad for dinner another sure didn't hurt in getting him to come home.

His group date Saturday included his fairly recent girlfriend.  They've been "exclusive" for a few weeks and it has been cute watching the romance bloom.  He has her picture set to show when she calls and has her saved as "My Girl" which led me to express a big Awwwww the first time I saw it.  Of course, he gave me the really Mom? look and rolls his eyes at any expression, question, or giggle concerning his love life.

As much as seeing him grow and realizing how I'm having to share him more and more the older he gets tugs a bit at my heart, he brings me more joy each day than I could ever imagine.  I feel continually blessed for every moment I spend with him and for the laughter and smiles he brings to our lives.  No matter how big he gets, or who (or what) I have to share him with, he will always be "My Guy"!
Noah and Suzie


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