Thursday, January 24, 2013

2000 Baby

When Noah was born, the Harlem Globetrotters ran a promotion that gave all babies a Lifetime ticket to their games.  It was a novelty of the year, being 2000. 

Though I didn't know if it were even true, I signed him up online, thinking it would be cute for a scrapbook.  A month or so later, a small card in patriotic Globetrotter colors arrived in the mail.

For years we'd hoped to go to a game but they always came to our area in January.  Between birthdays, winter weather and budgets, it just never happened.  This year, with the big 1-3, I was determined to work it out. 

After recovering from the cost of tickets for "best available seats" for a family of four, I signed up for free tickets on every site or contest that could be found.  Each day I'd hope for a call or email but none came.  Last Friday, Tim called me giddy with excitement and instructions to stop by a local radio station.  He'd won tickets - but only two!

It was then I remembered Noah's lifetime pass.  Digging through his baby book, the card appeared and the belated birthday plans began.  (We surprised him with the tickets at his party on Saturday.)

Because he can only pick up the "2000 pass" at the ticket window, we knew we'd probably be in separate seats.  We decided to make it girls vs guys, letting Tim and Noah have their choice of seats. 

Personally, I think Tina and I got the better deal in the end, as we were only about 10 rows back from the Globetrotters benches. 

And inches away from the confetti bucket they tossed on the crowd near us.

In fact, there was so much going on around me that this people watcher had a hard time concentrating.  I'd be busy watching the guys on the bench that I'd miss a play.  Or something funny would happen on the other end of the court, and I'd miss a trick on the other.  At least enough that I didn't have time to get out my camera to capture it. 

We ended up being on opposite ends of the court, so Noah and I would text each other shots.  He caught much better ones than I did.  Again too much to focus on!  Even though we were rows away from the guys, I could still see them  both and most importantly Noah's reactions.  It was obvious he and his Dad were having a blast.  Noah was 100% into the game.  They were so wrapped up that neither of them thought of taking a pic like we did!

At least they did go out and get Noah a basketball to keep as a souvenir.  He was thrilled to run down on the court at the end and stand in a forever line to get each player to sign it.  Jumping into the last spot at the buzzer, we were all excited to see him make it.  That is, until we remembered that two of the main guys - Big Easy and Scooter - weren't on the floor because they had moved out for photos.  Wah. Wah. Wah.

Even though we were pooped when we pulled into the driveway, and even more so into bed just a hair shy of midnight, we were grateful for the fun-filled night.

It's so good when life is good


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