Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Comfort in a Bowl

How could I....lover of soup, hoarder of recipes, connoisseur of chicken noodle, and self-proclaimed culinarian, never have attempted to make the Campbell's classic?

This dawned on me as I stood in my kitchen desperate to find something to comfort my sick boy. 

Noah, who would happily live in boxers, because he's so hot natured, kept asking for us to turn up the fire Sunday afternoon.  That should've been my first clue.  After he requested another blanket and I turned from my book to look back at him, his face said it all.  Flushed, damp eyes, and just an "I don't feel well" look didn't require my hand for a temperature check, but I did it anyway.  Moments later we were staring at a digital display of 101.5.  (Two days-and many prayers it wasn't the flu-later we learned it was strep)

On Monday, with my throat sharing sympathy pains, I decided chicken noodle soup was the answer.  We both needed comfort in a bowl, but the convenient red and white can didn't speak to me.  Knowing I had all but the noodles to make it myself, I began to simmer some chicken while browsing through cookbooks and pinned recipes online.

Seriously?  I'd never made chicken noodle soup?  Truly, I don't know how I've let this happen!

Soup is one of my most beloved meals.  I've long called them "hugs in a bowl" and believe there is not much better on a cold night.  Our family has many favorite recipes and we look forward to the first soup of the season.  In fact, it led to the creation of our annual "Souper Spooky Sunday" each October. 

And although we have tried and true faves, I also enjoy finding and making new creations each year.  Noah joins me in our love of soup, as he's recently been deemed the best chili maker in our family.  His concoction even placed 2nd in a recent church cookoff!

Anywhoo, once I found a combination of recipes I liked, a steamy pot of goodness soon found everyone sniffing around the kitchen.  It was just the right mix of broth, veggies, chicken and noodles, though Noah said he'd be fine with tossing the mirepoix out with the bones next time.  It most certainly was worth a repeat, and given the sickness-infected season we're in the midst of, my pot may stay busy.

Nevertheless, I enjoy nothing more than cooking up some comfort for those I love.  My thank you though, this time, came in the form of sharing the strep with my boy!

Health (and JOY) to you....


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