Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Coke Tabs for Camp

Tina and I have been finding joy in an unlikely source - coke tabs.

On the search for a fundraiser that the kids might like, I came across bracelets made with the tabs from soda cans.  Of course only one child, the girl, got excited, but all it took was the mention of crafts and she was set to go!  In fact, she wanted to head out that night for supplies.

I managed to refrain her excitement for the weekend.  You would've thought we were knee deep in a candy store though when I took her down the ribbon aisle.  Squeals and jumps and a cart full later, we were ready to delve into our project.

In the process we've learned quite a bit about ourselves - and each other.

We're both visual learners. 
Both stubborn. 
And artistic.

I printed instructions that we both tossed out the window about five minutes in.  Tina set off to figure it out on her own, while I searched for a video that might show me better than tell me.  Within the first hour, she'd made three or four and I was still frustratingly on my first. 

Determined.  That we both are too.

Ten coke tabs and strand of ribbon was not going to get the best of me.  Tongue set in concentration, I tried again.  And again.  And finally....I mastered the technique!

Tina on the other hand couldn't sew buttons.  Or rather, she'd never been taught.  Yet, after only a few attempts she was a seamstress pro.

We both went to bed that first night feeling accomplished.

not too shabby for our first try!
Since then, it has been a fun way to spend time together.  Creating.  Teamwork.  Brainstorming. 
Tina already has a few sales under belt.  Which reminds me, that'sour next project to tackle!

My hope is that when she gets to camp this summer, paid with money she worked hard to earn, it will have even more meaning.  And we'll have the memories of nights spent making the bracelets to add to it.

Do you involve your kids in fundraising or earning money for big ticket items they want?


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