Friday, January 18, 2013

Faithful Friday: Teenage Birthday

This is the last night my little-big guy will be 12.  Saturday I will awake to a teenager.  Big. Sigh....

Of course, to look at him, one would already think he was a teen.  I look up to him (literally and figuratively) already.  All 6 ft and size 13 shoes of him.

Hard to believe he's so grown up.  I feel his childhood slipping through my fingers. 
Twelve years so short but so far away. 

Noah.  Our little lifesaver.  God sent him at just the needed moment for our family. 

We'd tried for years until we just stopped trying.  (Knowing what I know now about PCOS, he's even more of a blessing) But one day, unexpectedly, he appeared.  In two sweet little blue lines.

Our lives have been a whirlwind of joy and laughter ever since.

You have filled my heart with great joy. - Psalm 4:7

Noah.  Our funny guy.  Our little tornado.  Our heartbreaker.

From the moment he was born, a handful of spunk and wit. His crib was positioned in his room that when he awoke he could see us in ours.  He'd jump up alert and happy, smiling, "Mama, Dadda" until we put him bed with us.  As a baby, I'd tried to sneak in veggies, peas mixed into potatoes, but he'd swirl and spit the peas out rapid action. 

A toddler, little mind full of imagination, he was a different superhero everyday.  When mad, he became the Hulk and with a scrunched face would say, "my getting mad!"  Aggression moved to passion as a youngster.  In the first grade he kicked off the first week of school by getting a different girlfriend for each day.  This concept backfired the next year, when two girlfriends showed up at his birthday party!

Throughout his life he's been our jokester, the family comedian.  Always filling our home with laughter. 

Like the day we took him for shots, a recap in his words:..."When I got in the room I was getting a little freaked out. I told the lady, I don't think I can do this today. Maybe we should reschedule." :)

Or the time he found this adorable black hat that looked even cuter on and had to have it.
He said, "Mom! It is a deal, only $3 normally $15!" How can I say no to that?!

A 10 year old convo:
Me: Are you about ready?

Noah: Well, I'm a little frustrated right now, so no.
Me: (trying not to laugh) Why?
Noah: Tina came in to get me and didn't knock or anything - just walked right in. And then she just walked on into the bathroom all the way to the shower!
Me: (laughing) Did she see more than she needed to?
Noah: well I should think so! I'm going to have to go so I can pull myself together because they're waiting.....but I'm gonna have a talk with her about men and privacy!

Oh, so many funny moments.

Twelve years old saw the return of baseball...our first camper camping trip...a broken finger, we didn't think was broken (he will never let that go)....Andy Griffith...Middle school...First deer, second deer - same day.

How I wish, I pray, I hope that his teenage years are filled with just as much fun, as much laughter, as many memories and as much JOY as he can hold.  And then some.

However many years a man may live, let him enjoy them all. Ecclesiastes 11:8

Happy 13th Birthday, Noah.  We love you so!


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