Friday, January 11, 2013

Faithful Friday: Submit

In case you missed it, my word for 2013 is SUBMIT. 

I've certainly had many lessons already on this word and we're only a week in.  For one, I was unable to "submit" this post last Friday.  Truly, it was a bit of funny irony that my first FF post of the year, on this very topic, could not be submitted...due to technical difficulties!

It could've been posted late, but not without this picture, as that was one of the problems Blogger was having, and this picture was important to my post.  I saw it as I raised up from getting a drink of water after an impromptu workout. 

When I first selected my word, a scripture came to mind (that scripture above) and I've been amazed at how many times it has appeared to me. It's like a little hello from God every time I see it and I'm reminded of how great and big he is.

I'm also reminded at how much I fail when I resist or try to do things on my own. 

We all started the year with a new devotion book.  Santa left them under the tree, because he's tight like that with Jesus.  Tina was given a girl's devotion written by teens, Noah's was specific to boys, and ours was for couples.  Actually, Noah accidentally opened ours Christmas morning and was puzzled at why he'd been given a couples devotion book.

Yet all of us were eager and excited to kick the year off right by ending our evenings submitting to God.  So far we've done well to keep up the habit, Tim and I only skipping one night (my birthday) because it was late when we got home.  Even though it's only a one page read, old age apparently set in on me and convinced us we couldn't muster through.  The next morning, as I read it, we were floored with the message.  The subject was exactly what we'd dealt with on the way home and I could envision God chuckling, "See, you needed to hear from me last night!"  We agreed then to hold each other accountable to read, regardless of how tired our eyes are.

Our church is reading the Bible in a year again.  I failed last year, falling behind and never catching up.  Last week I did amazingly, devoting time each day and feeling like a proud student come Sunday morning.  This week...not so much.  I've let life get in the way.  We'll blame it on the massive birthday festivities (ha ha) and pray for better results the rest of the year.

I don't want to take God for granted.  While I know he's always there regardless of how I fail, my desire is to proactively submit to him.  My soul speaks to me, this I need.

Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. - James 4:7

What have you learned about your word so far this year? 
How are your resolutions going?


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