Monday, February 4, 2013

Non-Stop Weekend

Whew!  I don't know that we ever stopped this weekend.  From the moment the kids arrived home from school on Friday, it was go, go, go....birthday party style.

Tina was also fortunate to have a birthday weekend, celebrating since the midnight stroke, coming home from the concert, to a late Sunday night home from a Super Bowl party. 

Oh, to have a teenager's energy!

She'd asked for a hotel pool party with friends on her actual birthday.  Tina brought two bubbly, giggly girls home with her and Noah was thrilled not to be invited.  We weren't settled into the hotel room more than ten minutes, before they were changed into swimsuits, ready to soak in the pool. 

I think we made a total of four trips back and forth between the room and the pool that night, amid snacks and a pizza delivery.  Just about the time I'd get into my Kindle, they'd be ready to move to the next spot.

The lack of sleep from the concert the night before made lights out arrive early though.  Yes, midnight seemed early with three teenage girls - and this tired momma was happy!

We didn't get to sleep in on Saturday morning, due to Noah having a basketball game.  The complimentary Sleep Inn breakfast made up for the early wake-up call.  Tina was in breakfast heaven, having a sampling of all her favorites - french toast, apple juice, boiled eggs and yogurt....all free!  She cracked us up by commenting, "we should come eat here more often!"  Somehow I don't think SI would approve.

Tim got the easy shift, taking Noah home after the game, and I drove away with three excited teens on a trip to the mall.  After about thirty minutes, I was bored of browsing and treated myself to a mint chocolate chip waffle cone.  Comfy seats by Sears beckoned me and I caught up on emails and Ruzzle while letting the girls get their shop on.  Every so often Tina would text me an outfit, asking my opinion.  She's actually a savvy shopper, sticking to a budget and never paying retail if she can help it.  In fact, her skills got me out of my spot to pick up a score on a jeans deal for the guys.

Sunday found us at early service for church, so that we could arrive home to prepare lunch for Tina's family party.  We feasted on her faves - potato soup, fresh strawberry cake and apple cider and spent time laughing, dancing and playing games.  And no sooner had we hugged everyone out the door, than we headed out ourselves to our dear friend's house for some Super Bowl fun.

I'll admit I enjoyed playing games, snacking, and big belly laughs much more than the football, but it was fun to watch the guys rib each other.  Wobbling into the house and plunging into bed at nearly the very end of a Sunday night, meant we soaked up just about every moment the weekend had to offer.

Hopefully our sweet girl went to bed tired but with a smile on her face,
knowing in her heart how loved she is.


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