Friday, February 1, 2013

Faithful Friday: WinterJam!

The kids didn't come home until after 1:30 this morning.  On a school night. 
And I couldn't have been happier.

For that matter, neither could they.  When Noah and Tina and burst through the door, all of their excitement spilled out into the kitchen.  Tina kept sticking her hand out and showing me, as if I could see the residue of the lead singer of RED who touched her.  Noah came in actually glowing, having bought a multi-colored glow stick Mohawk. 

Even though I could barely keep one eye open, I really wanted to sit down and hear every bit of bubbly news they had to share.  I knew though 6:30 would come very early for them so instead I put my "mom hat" on and sent them to bed.  Though I didn't get the play by play, I knew they had an amazing night.

And I knew I could ask them a few hours later, hoping it would perk them up for school.  At least that plan worked for one of them!

So, why were my kids out so late?  They went with their youth group to a Winter Jam concert, getting to see such Christian artists as Matthew West, New Song and Toby Mac.  For Tina, it was her first concert ever.  What a first concert to experience!Noah's first concert was a Christian group as well, seeing Casting Crowns in 2010.

It just fills me with complete joy to see the kids not just going to this concert but knowing the artists and songs because they live them.  We listen to them at home, in the car and at church. 

While I'd be right there in the stands, jamming to some Bon Jovi, or even more modern day artists, I know nothing compares to worshipping God in a crowd full of believers.  That goosebump, spirit filled experience is priceless.  I'm grateful they both got to spend a night praising God, surrounded by Christian role models, youth leaders and their friends.

Shout to the LORD, all the earth; break out in praise and sing for joy! 
- Psalm 98:4


kerri ball said...

I think they all had a great time. And I am praying you can go.with us in April so we can worship with a Stadium full of other believers. There is still time.

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