Wednesday, March 6, 2013

No Snow, Snow Day

Ohio county is know to have taken a day off school for suspected snow, as weather predictions round here aren't aways accurate.  Usually you're better off to just to look out your window, if you want a true forecast.  Yet, we've known since Sunday there would be no school today and it had nothing to do with the sky. 

Unless you count the colors of the sky - typically blue and white.  Because, if you're an Eagles fan, you know those to be our school colors.  The kids were off today because the boys went to State.  And since it's over a three hour drive to Rupp arena, and most of our county bleeds blue, the school was smart to close for the day.

So, a random Wednesday turned out to be a bit of a holiday.  Tina went home with her Mamaw last night to spend the day with her sister, and Noah celebrated by playing a newly rented Xbox game well into this morning.  I was just happy to get thirty extra minutes of sleep, not having to send them off for school. 

It's the little things.

By the afternoon, all were awake and back home, hungry and ready for dinner.  With Tim, my picky eater, gone to a fire training, I opted for a treat I knew the kids would enjoy.  (Momma too.)  Chicken fried rice and egg rolls!

Before dinner though, we turned the couch around to face the computer screen and watched our home team.  The kids got a kick out of seeing familiar faces in the crowd - and on the court.  We even snuck in a concession stand favorite - hot buttered popcorn.  Our dogs didn't know what to think, with the living room turned upside down and kernels flying, but they had a good time cleaning up our mess.  Though we were sad to see the boys defeated, it was fun to experience some home town pride, all from the comfort of our couch.

The rest of the night was rather lazy and the kids got in bed much later than normal, but I figure they won't be the only ones sleepy tomorrow.  ...Maybe we'll luck out and wake up to snow!?


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