Thursday, March 21, 2013

To Spring or not to Spring?

It snowed here on the first day of Spring!  Sadness.
I didn't see it but I sure felt the brisk winds that ruined all chances of a decent hair day.

The only true signs of spring have been the chirping birds, who seem to be tweeting, "hang in there!" and the tiny buds on my pear trees. 

But I'm longing for spring.  I need sunshine.

I'm ready for alfresco dining and enjoying the favorite non-room of our house.  It's freezing today but I'm grilling tonight in protest anyway.

My fingers are itching to dig into the earth and plant flowers.  Dirt therapy.

Tim's already preparing for fishing season, as he pulled the boat out of our soggy backyard last weekend.  Soon I'll hear the roar of that motor as he tinkers and tunes it for the water.

In anticipation, I am excited to breathe in freshly cut grass and to have my curtains blowing in the breeze.

I'm eager to venture to our newly developed park and walk the paths with our dogs, kids in tow on their bikes.

And camping.  Spring time camping, before the weather gets too hot....the nights are cool and there's a foggy mist on the lake as the sun begins to rise.  Nothing better.

So many joyful moments.  So little time.
Come on sunny weather, mama's ready for spring!

What are you looking most forward to this season?


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