Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Joy is Spring!

God is never more present than in the bursting forth of spring!

I find myself even more in awe of Him this time of year because of the beauty he sends to us.  Spring, I think, is but a small glimpse of Heaven.

It was perfect timing that as I arrived home from Women of Joy a few weekends ago, Spring had arrived.  Pulling into my driveway, I was greeted by the dainty sweet blooms of our pear trees.

Over the course of the past few days, I've noticed even more brilliant signs my most beloved season is upon us.  Being on the parkway several hours yesterday was actually a blessing because it gave me a lot of time to soak in those "happy little trees" along the road.  God paints an even more beautiful picture than Bob Ross, with pops of springy greens, pastel pinks, and sunshine yellows across the horizon.

The weather has been calling me to our deck and to the grill.  Last night, as burgers were sizzling away for dinner, I began to dust off winter from my patio set.  A recent storm warning had seen all the chairs and such scootched to one side, so I was rearranging furniture in the favorite room of our house.  While moving things back to their place, an unexpected addition surprised me.

I had noticed a nest several days before, when stepping outside, as the bird that flew from it startled me.  It wasn't until yesterday though we realized the tiny eggs.

Getting close enough for a photo but keeping a safe distance not to upset Mama Bird, I captured a quick shot.  The picture doesn't do it justice however, as I've never seen a more breathtaking blue.  A friend of mine said it best, "That is simply amazing. God did not have to make those eggs blue, He did because He is in the business of creating beauty!"  How true.

And what a simple picture of how awesome our God is.  A God who finds delight in painting trees pink and forming eggs blue.  How great is our God? ...sing with me!

In finding refuge on the angel's wing, this mama bird saved the angel. 
She was on my list to dust off the deck season but I think we'll keep her now!


Anna See said...

That's a lovely picture!

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