Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Man of the House

Any parent knows how quickly children grow up. Sometimes you blink and realize how much time has actually passed.  Sometimes, you're blessed to see and recognize it in the moment. 

I find myself staring at my changing boy.  How tall he is growing.  And yet how gentle he remains.

My gentle giant.  (heart sigh)  

He was so eager to scoop up baby Lee last Saturday, not even complaining about having to to rise from bed on a Saturday morning before noon.  In fact, he told me the night before to make sure I woke him because he wanted to hold him first.  It's so sweet to see them together and the sharp contrast between one so tiny and another so strong. 

Even though we're on spring break, most nights I've been in bed well before 10 p.m.  Easter evening we retired even earlier, a mixture of sunrise service catching up with us and a belly full of ham.  While Tim and I were in bed reading our devotional, I overheard Noah check the locks on the doors.  This is something his Dad does nightly anyway, but my youngest man of the house is following in his footsteps. 

Yesterday, while at the mall enjoying some food court Chinese chicken, Noah was first out of the line and went off to find us seats.  As Tina and I joined him, he reached out his hands and led us in prayer.  Surrounded by his peer group, he didn't hesitate in giving thanks and being an example.  And one proud momma bowed with him, soul singing.

Then today, as he's juggling chores and helping a mom with spring cleaning fever, I hear the scraping sound of the trash totes being drug to the curb.  Tomorrow is trash day and, without being asked, Noah just did the job.  Something simple, yet shows how much he's maturing.  My little guy nearly grown.

easily leaning on Mom...


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