Monday, April 15, 2013

Pillow Talk

If I haven't mentioned it before, Tim and I are happily "old married folks."  I love nothing better on a Friday night to simply be home with the family.  Naps are our best friends.  Going to bed at 8 pm is a luxury we yearn for.  Yep, we aren't middle aged by the world's terms, but laughingly accept the label by a teen's.

Since a 10 o'clock bedtime is really pushing it for us, you can imagine that, especially on the weekends, our kiddos go to bed after us.  We giggle that many nights, the kids tuck us into bed.

They'll scoff when, soon after the sun sets, Tim begins to yawn.  They roll their eyes and moan when I announce we're on the last tv show or that time is running down on a family activity.  Yet, after we've gone through our routines, they're eager to bounce at the foot of our bed for a nightly chat. 

Because it's on their terms, they openly talk about anything and everything.  We have serious discussions, funny stories, and what we love most of all is just hearing about the details of their day.  When you're used to a one word answers to most questions, open and willing discussions are such a treat. 

Normally about an hour later, final hugs and good-nights are said.  As they skip away, Tim and I will laugh at how we intentionally plan bedtime at least an hour earlier because we know how long they'll talk.  We truly treasure what's become a frequent ritual to our evenings.

Now, with all this talk about sleeping.....can I go take a nap?! 

Maybe they won't shoot me since this is a couple years old!


Anna See said...

Sounds like precious time! xo

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