Monday, April 29, 2013

Nacho Usual Teen Party

My aunt was the ultimate youth leader.  Funny, cool, relatable, and extremely creative, she made learning about the Bible fun.  Aunt Becky was gifted with making you want to hang with Jesus.

Even though I wasn't officially a "teen," Becky invited me to be a part of the youth group a few years early.  Like Noah, I looked older than my age, and being a typical first-born female, was mature beyond my years.  Of course, it also helped that I had a family connection.  I didn't care how I got in, it was just great to be a part of the group.

Among my favorite youth group memories are the recreation of the Lord's supper, Luau's in the backyard, and rapping the Sunday school lessons.  I remember thinking then how much fun it would be when I was a grown-up and could host teen parties for my own church.

Fast forward many, many years later to present day. 

Last night, we were blessed to host the monthly Bible study for our kid's youth group.  Mix together a couple dozen teens and youth leaders, 2 ginormous bags of tortilla chips, a vat of nacho cheese and all the toppings, a heavy assortment of sugary sweets, a study video that asks tough spiritual questions, and you have all the ingredients for one great night.

We've come to love so many of these teens the past year and last night was a wonderful opportunity to get to know others better.  Prayers, lots of laughter, and smart conversations were shared.  Tim and I loved watching Noah and Tina interact with their friends and responding to the challenges given.  Coming off Revival, the timing was perfect to remind the teens (and us adults) to be brave and bold in continuing to share the gospel. 

"What if each of us reached just 1 person this year for Jesus?"
rang through the walls of our home and stirred our hearts.

Cleaning up a littering of plastic cups and chip crumbs, I found myself smiling as the last kid trotted out the door.  Amazed, even still, at the work God has done with our family through this church.  Grateful and blessed that Noah and Tina have solid role models, strong youth leaders, and faithful Christian friends.  Of all the gatherings we've hosted in our home over the years, this Bible study is by far at the top of our favorite's list.

And I can't help but chuckle that someone in the neighborhood called in a complaint about the crowd.  If they only knew the great things that were happening under this roof.  ...Maybe next time we'll invite them to join us!


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