Friday, May 24, 2013

Faithful Friday: Date Night

Home from a somewhat impromptu date night and realized I wasn't faithful in posting today!  Oops!!

Given the late hour and the holiday weekend, where most of you are probably out soaking up the unofficial start of summer, I'll keep it short and sweet.

"My beloved is mine, and I am his" - Song of Solomon 2:16

A few nights ago, Tim asked if we had any plans Friday night.  As our camping trip had been turned upside down, for various reasons, I figured he wanted to try and squeeze some fishing into the weekend.  Instead, he surprised me and asked if I'd like to go out on a date.

Of course, I said yes...

It's been awhile since we've been out, just the two of us.  At times we do a good job of keeping a steady date night planned every month or so.  And then there are others, like this season, where we let life get in the way and forget.  As such, I was eager for one on one time with my man.

He wouldn't tell me any details, which frets this ocd gal who organizes and plans nearly every little detail of her life.  I detected from his casual tshirt and jeans though my attire was appropriate, so I happily entered the truck wearing my comfy flip-flops, capris and favorite blue jean jacket. 

When we passed the parkway, I glanced over at him questioning him with only a look as to where he might be taking me.  The direction he was headed just led to corn fields and country roads.  A short drive later, we ended up at a tiny hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant in the next town over.  Smiling inside, I realized he was listening several days ago when I mentioned a craving for Won Ton soup in passing. 

Nibbling over our buffet feast and crumbled fortunes, we inhaled the quiet chaos of our meal.  While we mainly enjoyed silence at our table, we took in the mini birthday party, kitchen clangs and foreign dialect, and kids slurping noodles around us. 

We arrived back in our hometown, still early for a date to end, so we stopped in to the first night of our local Strawberry Festival.  The next few hours were spent listening to karaoke and a somewhat-famous-local-country-singer-come-home, with a side of lots of interesting people watching.  Although I wanted to top the evening off with a funnel cake, the masses had already beat me to the last batch. 

There's always tomorrow...


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