Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summertime Smiles

Our official ringing in of the "unofficial start of summer" wasn't as planned, but as the Blair's always do, we improvised and made the best of it.

Originally, we wanted to take advantage of the long weekend and camp.  Time and money got away from us (still saving for Florida!) and as the week approached, we'd not even begun to clean the camper, pack/prepare, or reserve a spot anywhere.  I was also worried about the weather, which ended up being absolutely nights, breezy/sunny days...NO rain...sigh.

In the midst of our unorganized attempt at spontaneity though, we opted to postpone the trip. 

Yes, I see the humor in that sentence, but unlike my husband who really would just backpack it wherever, I can't rough it without a plan!

Another big deciding factor for our change of plans was an impromptu decision by Tina to enter the Jr Miss pageant at our local festival.  As this was way out of character for her, but we're always ones to encourage growth, we told her to go for it.  This added shopping, beauty routines, practices and the actual pageant to our weekend schedule.  But it was worth it to build up her confidence and see her smile....

 And....she placed 1st runner up.  Way to go, Tina!

Sunday, for what we thought was a "skip day" at church, turned out to be just as busy.  I helped sub in two classes and provided some yummy grape salad for Tina's, who had a breakfast planned for their seniors.  That evening we got a call to keep a sweet baby overnight.  I was pleasantly thankful he slept through the night, so I didn't have to see how my body did with up and down feedings! 

As Tim and I were playing with him in our bed, it brought back such sweet memories of our boys at that age.  Hard to believe that was 13 and nearly 19 years ago.  My how time flies...

Noah spent every minute and saved dollar he could at the said festival, enjoying all day arm band rides and the flock of girls that seemed to flitter wherever he went.  I think I could've just let him camp out there for the weekend and he would've been content!

All weekend, what I had left on my hopes list was to go boating. 

Once our itty bitty company left, we found ourselves with the bulk of a holiday afternoon free, so we packed up and headed out.  Loading the truck, we were all a bit surprised at the sudden heat wave and wondered if we'd regret being on water that was really still too cool to take a dip in, but we went anyway and hoped for the best.

Boy, are we glad we did!  An hour later we were lazily floating along the chocolate river with the intoxicating scent of honeysuckles drifting by and a baby blue slightly overcast sky above.  The cotton ball clouds kept Mr. Sun at bay so it made it de-lightful to be outside.  Donning my big floppy beach hat and barefoot toes, I lounged and finished my first of many summertime books, while chatting with Noah.  Tim and Tina bonded on the back fishing.  Though she'd been a couple times, she enjoyed her first actual catch (of many) that day and was beyond excited.  Every time she'd reel one in, she'd squeal and say, "Take a picture!"

And, of course, Austin said hello with a happy yellow butterfly and a soaring eagle during our outing.
It was a pretty perfect afternoon.

Maybe Tina summed it up best with a "greatest day ever!" as we were packed for the ride home, still smiling from ear to ear. 

...grateful for the blessings and the memories.  sweet summertime.


Anna See said...

sounds lovely! tina is gorgeous!

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