Friday, May 17, 2013

Faithful Friday: Fly Little Bird

Graduation morning. 

Sliced, homemade strawberry bread to surprise Tina
for her special day. 

Hot coffee and my seat by the back window,
Good Morning America on the tv.  I'm only listening to the news; however, as I've noticed a tiny bird hopping across the deck.

Squatting in determination, it tries several times to flutter on top of  the outside coffee table.  Hop, Hop....Flutter....Fall.

I realize this isn't a tiny bird, but is the last of our babies learning to fly. 
Whispering a quiet yell to the kids, I call them to join me to watch and we gaze, mouths open, as the bird flutters higher and higher, then eventually across the lawn.  An unexpected, sneak peek at beautiful life.

Our little birds, from ocean blue tiny eggs... to babies... to flight.   

Heading out the door to Tina's 8th grade graduation the symbolism hit me.  Just as we'd witnessed growth in life, our own "little bird" was reaching a milestone.  Now promoted to high school, our bird is now an eagle.

She's grown so much these past two years.  Blossomed.
And we can't wait to see her spread her wings as a freshman, as she starts this next chapter of her life.

"God bless you and keep you,
God smile on you and gift you,
God look you full in the face
and make you prosper."
Numbers 6:24-26, MSG


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