Monday, May 6, 2013

Joy comes in the morning.

I woke up a bit aggravated this morning, which is never a very good way to start the day.

Hubby got called out at 3:30 this morning for a wreck that his help was later cancelled.  Normally I can block his pages out.  I'll put myself into almost a coma-like state, many times not even knowing he's left for a run until the next day.  I do this out of necessity, as there's an invisible switch inside of me, that once turned on, I'm wide awake.  No matter the hour or the need for more sleep, it just won't happen. 

Today would be example A.

Tim rolled back in a little after 4:00 and for the next 45 minutes I really tried to go back to sleep.  I tossed.  I turned.  I stretched.  I sighed.  And then, exasperated, I stomped to the living room.

It wasn't Tim's fault.  He didn't set the pager off, but I certainly directed my frustration to him when announcing I was getting up to stay.

Mumbling and grumbling, God nudged me that this might be a good opportunity to read His word. 

And so I did.  And soon, irritation turned to joy.

As the dark faded into light and the world began to stretch awake, I was gifted with the songs of the many birds around our home.  Many of them I know to be Mama birds, protecting the handful of nests I've spied in our yard.  (There's itty babies in the surprise nest from a previous post.  I hope to sneak pics soon!)

I was blessed by the peace that is the calm, quiet start of a new day.

There was the gift of time to prepare the kids a real, not from a box or frozen breakfast.  Hopefully this will warm their bellies and fuel their minds in preparation for the week of testing they have.

And I have the opportunity to apologize to dear hubby by taking him a steamy cup of coffee in a bit and waking him with a gentler mood than I last left him.

Simple, unexpected joys.  Thank you, God.

Oh and there's more...

This was actually yesterday afternoon's gift but I wanted to share.

Though it was misting rain, as it had all weekend, I was able to enjoy getting my hands dirty by planting happy little flowers in my window boxes.  It's what I call dirt therapy.  These are sure to brighten my every day and bring a smile as I come and go this season. 

It is well, it is well, it is well within my soul... 


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