Saturday, February 8, 2014

Faithful Friday: Fairy Tales

Marriage isn't the "Happily Ever After" fairy tale versions we read from story books as little girls.  It doesn't end with "I do" and a kiss.

Marriage is hard work and it's something you "do" every. single. day.

And marriage doesn't survive unless it involves a third party.
Without God, happily ever after isn't possible.

This is what I wish was in the small print after every romantic book or movie.  That for every little girl, teen, young woman out there waiting for her Prince Charming, she would know there is so much more to the story.

Last night the kids were begging to escape the house.  After five days off from school, they had cabin fever in a very bad way.  Initially, I'd planned for a family night out, but when my hubby arrived home, tired was written all over his face.

Old man Winter hasn't been kind to his healing foot.  Hobbling around in a boot is hard enough but when you add snow and ice, it makes the trek much more difficult.  He awoke to so much pain yesterday morning that we'd feared he had a stress fracture.  After a quick visit to his ortho, we're hopeful it is just inflammation.  I know my knee has thrown fits feeling this latest snow storm's arrival.  (gee, when did we get so old!?)

Anyway, I could tell without him saying a word that all he really wanted was to kick back by the fire, prop his aching foot up, and relax into the weekend.  So, we compromised.  The kids and I headed out to pick up Chinese and we ate picnic style in the living room floor.

Compromise.  Give and take.  Flexibility. All things a marriage needs to be successful.
And selflessness.

We had this discussion on the way home, because Tim had offered at first to go with us, so we could enjoy the buffet.  He then offered for the three of us to stay at he buffet and just bring him a plate home.  Of course none of us felt right doing that and were fine fixing four plates to go.  But it was sweet of Tim to offer.  And so him, it is just in his nature to give freely.  His selflessness is the quality in him I most admire.

My niece commented, "How did you find him?"

I let this soak into my bones for a bit.

She added, "He's just so good.  There aren't many guys like him in this world."

Yes, I am a lucky gal.

"God sent him to me," I responded a little teary.

It touched me that she saw his qualities, his character, his love for me.  I breathed a prayer that this example would continue to resonate with her.
The good ones are worth waiting for, sweetie.

But later, I mulled it over, thinking back over our marriage.  Looking in at us now, it would be simple to say, "Why can't our marriage be that easy, they have it so good."  And while that is true, God has blessed us beyond measure, it hasn't always been easy.

Just as with any marriage that has survived, we've weathered our share of storms.  There've been highs and lows, some lows so unimaginable the only answer I have to our sustenance is that God has held us together.

God's the fairy tale factor.  

The closer we've grown to Him over the years, the stronger our marriage has become.   When we've pushed him out of our marriage, or not focused on Him as the foundation, it was weakened and we've suffered.

 "A cord of three strands is not quickly broken" is so true.  (Ecc 4:12)

That's what I want to tell every other young girl longing and waiting for her happily ever after.  "I do" is just the beginning.  But for each chapter of your marital life to be filled with bliss, it must be full of God. He's the one who can write your love story with a happy ending.

Give God your heart, little girl, he'll lead you the man deserving enough to share it...someday.

 “A woman's heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him just to find her.”
 ― Max Lucado


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