Friday, February 14, 2014

Faitful Friday: Love Lifted Me

I started writing this post yesterday.  Little did I know, the scripture that came to me would have a somewhat humorous (and painful) meaning today.

On my way in to work, I decided to stop and buy a loaf of bread and cinnamon butter for my co-workers.  Life was all sunshine and roses, as I left with a smile on face, eager to love on these new-found friends a bit and - wham!  I hit the sidewalk.

A bit stunned, confused, and sore (ouch!), I tried to gather myself, minus a shoe, and hop up before anyone noticed.  Alas, I was too slow, as a kind couple was immediately by my side, who minutes before were enjoying a Valentine's breakfast together.  I'm sure they didn't expect the show that took place when my foot caught in the door rug and I face planted in a crumpled mess in front of my truck.

Although I was a bit embarrassed, it was touching how much they cared for me.  The lady tried to dust me off, the man went to retrieve new bread and climb under the truck for my keys, and the shop manager was also there to roll up the rug and roll out a string of heartfelt apologies.  As I eased into my truck, they sent wishes of a better day.  I left in tears but it wasn't just from my stinging knees, it was for the love they all freely shared in lifting me up.

“Two are better than one,
because they have a good return for their labor: 
If either of them falls down, one can help the other up.”  Ecclesiastes 4:9

My original post was about gifts and I'd planned to share some of the most thoughtful (and unexpected ones) from Valentine's past.  But I don't think that was God's plan for my message and the tiny - yet eventful trip - I took this morning was validation.

Flowers and Chocolate seem to be the focus of this holiday, and while they are nice, gifts don't fully show love.  Unless of course that is your love language, but Tim and I both know that is not the case for either of us.  His is physical touch, mine quality time.  We do both appreciate gifts but would rather have them come unexpectedly, not because of a date on a calendar.

And while acts of service aren't high on either of our lists, I will admit that when someone helps me it does make me feel loved.  When someone lifts me up -physically or spiritually, it matters to me.  I remember it and tuck it away, as it shows me they care.

There are several people on my heart today who are hurting, some who are single, some who are not.  But my hope and prayer for them is that no matter what they are going through, they know there is always, always someone who loves them. 

God loves you no matter what. 

And the gift of His love can't be bought in any Hallmark store or delivered by a florist.  His gift is free to anyone and everyone.  All the time.   Every moment of every day.

Father, please shower my friends with your love today.  I lift up to you those who are especially hurting right now.  May the peace that only you can provide fall upon them and may they be wrapped in your loving arms.  Lord, please hug those I love today.  My hope is that through the course of this Valentine's day the warmth and comfort you give them follow them wherever they go. 
In Jesus I pray, amen.

Special thanks to new friends for sharing these uplifting pictures!


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