Monday, February 17, 2014

Sunday Sneak Away

Did you enjoy our Valentine's weekend? 

I hope it was filled with reminders that you are special, cared for, loved.  Mine was, even though it was also very, very busy.

When you're married with teenagers, finding time for just the two of you isn't always an easy task.  And we've found through the years that survival comes to those who either schedule regular dates or take advantage of impromptu pockets of time. 

Our weekend was filled with basketball games, grocery shopping, laundry (ugh) and all the normal activities that makes you feel like you've blinked and it's Monday again.  As such, finding quality couple time seemed unlikely. 

Originally, we had thought of sneaking away this weekend but my body took a "trip" instead.  I knew my injuries would prohibit much joy so, as we do, we went with plan B. 

Or maybe C? 

We opted for a Sunday morning mini date and set the alarm a wee bit earlier to make it to early service at church. Since Tim's niece and nephew have been regularly attending, I knew they'd be able to take the kids home after Sunday school and regular service.

So we were off on our date at 10:30 in the morning yesterday.  And it was wonderful.

A little sunshine.  A little brunch.  A little shopping.  And a lot of LOVE.
After 20+ years together, it doesn't take much to make this girl happy, as long as she's holding the hand of the one who still makes her heart skip a beat.
Joyful wishes to you this week! 


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