Monday, February 3, 2014

Just Dance

Raising boys all my adult life, there are things I never expected to do as a parent.

Like not just shopping for, but researching the very best fake eyelashes.
Or recognizing good facials.  -And not the kind you get at a spa.
Or screaming like a little girl with each trophy Tina's dance team took home this weekend.

Our dancing Eagle celebrated her 15th birthday Saturday at an all day regional KDCO dance competition.

Oh, the weekend she had.

It began Thursday night with the youth group's annual trip to WinterJam.  This resulted in the kids not arriving home until after 1 am.  Friday morning's wake-up for school was a slow, sleepy one.  And Friday really never ended for Tina, as the entire dance team had a slumber party, complete with flashlight hide-and-go-seek.  

When I arrived Saturday morning to the high school, still yawning myself at 6:30 a.m., I found her already hard at work.  Full of bottled up excitement and nervous energy, she spilled some of it out at the mini birthday surprise I held in my hands for her - a mocha frappuccino.

Then she was off again, behind closed doors preparing for the big day, complete with applying those fake lashes to her sparkling eyes.

Dance has been so good for her.  It has broken the walls she'd put up for protection, from all she's dealt with in her young life.  Our family was grinning from ear to ear, watching her giddiness up in the rafters with her team.  She was a star in all three of their performances, beaming with eagle pride in each routine.

By the end of the day, our behinds had spent six hours warming bleachers.  And we even managed to dart away and cheer on our boy for another win in his undeafeated Upwards season.  In record time, the three of us literally ran back into the gym just as closing ceremonies began.  Thankful for the opportunity to catch some squeals on tape.

And yes, with no shame, I'll admit that is me with the glass shattering scream rooting on our girls.   Especially for one little eagle that brings such continued -and unexpected- joy to our lives.

We're very proud of the hard work and dedication she's given to this season.  I see the bone tired on her small frame as she comes home three nights a week from 8-10 hours of practice. With 1st place in every category, their devotion certainly paid off.

Now onto another first...preparing and planning for State!


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