Friday, May 11, 2012

Faithful Friday: Blind Faith

I've been scared twice this week.  Both have been by things I couldn't see.

I was pulling into the house the other night and a strange beeping comes across my phone.  On it was a message, "I see you." Unlike typical texts, it showed no number.  I'll admit I was a tad weirded out.

Sitting there - and glancing over my shoulders for a hidden stalker - I tried to figure out who and what this was.  And then he came bouncing out of the house, bowled over in laughter.

Mr. "App Man," I should've guessed it came from Noah.  He'd found a tracker app that, because he knows my user ID and password, he can spy on my location.  Even though he's my son (and I totally plan to use it for him), it still felt a little odd.  To think someone is watching and can "see" me at any point is a feeling I'm not quite comfortable with.

It's eerily correct, as if he's a member of a special CIA unit involved in a surveillance on me.  He'll randomly call or text me now and say, "Are you on 18th street?" or "You're almost home!"  This also totally takes away my plan to surprise them this summer and see if they're doing the flight-of-the-bumble-bee cleaning sweep right before I get home.

However, it makes Noah happy.  For one, he likes to pick on me.  More than anything, he probably enjoys seeing where I am, and most importantly, knowing when I'm close to home.

Last night on the way back from youth, Noah is rambling on about church and the fun they had.  In the midst of his scattered sentences he says, "Oh yeah, and I think I broke my finger!"  Like his mom, he can sway a bit on the dramatic side so I really thought nothing of it. 

He's a boy.  He plays basketball usually before and after any service at church.  He mentioned it again and it's purple shading so I glanced over.  It looked jammed to me.

Once home, Tim investigated.  He agreed.  We basically patted him on the head, told him to "man up," and sent him to bed. 

This morning, we sent him off to school, both still fairly certain it was just a jam.  When a call from the nurse came in a few hours later, I answered with a worry in my gut.  She agreed it was probably also a jam, but the swelling had increased and the purple color was intensifying. 

Now, my momma worry meter was full.

I stared at the finger as he walked into the office, looked at it on the way to the doctor and prayed over it while waiting for them to call us back.  It couldn't be broken.  It didn't look broken.

After inspection, much to everyone's surprise (including doc), the news was in.  It was broken!  Not a serious, make a trip to an orthopedic specialist, but a break just the same.  A small, hairline fracture that only can be seen through the magic of x-ray.

The outcome was probably the best though, especially for my sports loving, double athlete.  He can keep playing baseball and it shouldn't hinder the start of football season.  He was happy.  And in good enough spirits to remind me, "And said to 'man up' it's just a jam!"

As I reflected on the week, though a humorous spin, this scripture seemed fitting for Faithful Friday.

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1

So often in this life, we are afraid or uncertain of what we cannot see.  If we cannot control it, we are unsure of the outcome.  I couldn't see Noah, but he could see me.  I couldn't see the break in his finger, but it was there. 

It is only through faith that we can rest assured of our future. Just because we can't see something, doesn't mean it isn't there.  I can face today because of my hope for tomorrow's Home.  And while I can't see God, I know he's always, always there.


Jennifer Fulton said...

(Sigh)... Heather, thank you :-)

Heather said...

Well, thank you! Thanks for stopping by and reading.
Have a blessed weekend. :)

charla said...

My husband also told our teenager to man up when we thought he had sprained his leg. Turns out it was bone cancer. We laugh about it now, and it is one of my son's favorite stories to tell. "Hey, dad, I sure hope I turn out to be a better dad than you". :)

Love reading your insights...

Heather said...

Oh my goodness! That beats a hairline fracture.
I hope he's doing ok. I actually work for the American Cancer Society so I have a heart for anyone facing that disease. Thank you for sharing - and reading!

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