Saturday, May 12, 2012

Simply Blessed

Today, I'm thankful for....
simple JOYS.

Alone time with my hubby

The calm peaceful rocking from my spot in the boat

Singing loudly to the radio
...because the fish, nor my hubby will complain

Perfect spring weather
...even in the midst of sprinkling rain

Shaved ham & cheese loaf sandwiches
...with stick the roof of your mouth soft bread

Catching the biggest fish
.....and the smallest, baby fish
of the day

Spending time with our new-to-us second family
....Lifegroup with EHBC

Potluck & Prayers

more laughter than tears
....and for laughing until there were tears

And pausing in every, single little moment of this day
...and realizing how precious and great it was.



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