Monday, May 28, 2012

Wonky Weekend

Three whole days off.  A long weekend.  The unofficial start to summer.  Sounds great, huh?  But this holiday weekend hasn't been the relaxing, fun-filled retreat I'd imagined.  In fact, I almost believe I'm ready to get back to work, if it means we get to hit reset on the random bad luck the past three days have brought!

It isn't that anything major has happened and when you look at the big picture, it's probably very petty to have let any of it bother me.  When you're in the middle of the raincloud though it's difficult to find the silver lining.  Yet, if you know me, I try very hard too.  ...even if it's not until after I have a little cry.

After Noah's ballgame Friday night, the kiddos went home with Mamaw, giving Tim and me an impromptu date night.  It was already late but we spontaneously decided to drive to Bowling Green for a pre-midnight snack.  Little did I know this would be the most relaxing part of my weekend!

Saturday we awoke still kidless and decided to go fishing.  Actually, I'll admit it was all Tim.  If I'd had my way, it would've been a Lifetime movie marathon day, as the heat was beyond my liking point.  But, there are often times in a marriage you do things that wouldn't necessarily be your preference.  I stocked up on water, slathered on the sunscreen, and reminded myself it was quality time with my sweetie.

The river was beautiful when we arrived.  Calm and smooth, reminiscent of Willy Wonka's chocolate river.  Occasionally a welcome breeze would drift through, cooling my heated skin.  My sweet hubby did think about me and packed a fan, rigged to a mini power source, which was redneck but appreciated.  He found us a knobby shade tree stretched over the water we could duck under for comfort.  And the first part of our outing was rather nice.

The sun was pretty unforgiving though and managed to sneak in between tree lines wherever we tried to hide.  The mixture of the heat and the fact that the most I could catch was a snagged line (and deformed fish) was starting to rub me the wrong way.  By the time the flies started biting me, I was done.  Perhaps I'm pretty tasty because those little suckers would take multiple bites before I could swat them away.  My whining moved Tim out of the water sooner than he was ready, but at that point I figured I'd paid my dues, sacrificing nearly six hours in scorching sun for him!

On the ride home, all I could envision was a nice cool house and even colder shower, followed by a huge glass of peach tea.  When I walked in the door though, the heat about knocked me over.  It was cooler outside than in my house.  Something was terribly wrong!  A glance at the thermostat showed 90 degrees and rising and after some investigation, Tim asked me to start finding AC repair numbers.  I was crossing my fingers, wondering if we'd find anyone to come out on a holiday weekend; and if we did, praying the price would be something we could afford.

In the midst of all this, for whatever reason, my husband also decides it is a good time to tackle the lawnmower, which had been giving us trouble the past few days.  (Let's just say short story is, we've spent about $100, including stupid tax, on a simple back tire)  Trying to replace said tire, he misplaced his glasses and hours later when we found them, they were crumpled and missing a lens.  Thankfully he has a spare.

Luckily a nice man finally answered and deemed a broken AC in this heat wave an emergency.  A few hours later, cool air was filtering through the house again.  It was still a somewhat sticky night but we had two toddlers over to keep us distracted.  My baby niece and nephew wanted to stay with "Aunt Heather and Unca Timmy" and although it was a bit of a chaotic start, they were the welcome relief I needed that night.

The next day, after church, Tim reflected on how my fly bites might have saved our AC.  If I hadn't been complaining, we wouldn't have left when we did and probably wouldn't have caught anyone still working.  Not having air in a home with only ceiling fans and no other alternative on a record high heat wave, would not have made for a pleasant weekend.  Our poor puppies would've also been in bad shape, being stuck in their kennels in that heat.  So, thank you fly family for sending us home when you did!

The rest of the weekend was rather uneventful, compared to Saturday, but it did still have it's kinks.  The heat has remained horrendous, and cancelled a few outdoor plans, but I'm so very glad we can cool off in the house.  Our wallet is a lot lighter, but I'm just reminded to save more for the rainy day fund, as it often pours around here.  My floors are stickier, spilling not one but two pitchers of tea, but it just gives me a reason to mop.  My yard is still not mowed, as now that one very expensive tire is finally on, the lawnmower decides to stop working.  Guess the grass can match the overdue bushes and I'll claim we are going green or something.  Despite the storms, I'll remember the sunshine this weekend.  And not the one that heated up the sky....

I'll remember finger licking sticky ribs in a booth with my hubby, seeing him smile every time he got to reel in a fish, a boat picnic under a tall tree while softly rocking on the water, spotting two majestic eagles floating above us in the clear blue sky, the sound of the water spilling onto the bank and watching tiny bugs escape for drier ground, squeals from littles as they ran to the truck, hugs and sweet baby kisses, sleeping with Noah because his room was the coolest and lil Allen took up all the space in our bed, taking those babies to church...even if we did have to drive to vehicles, smoky tasty chicken on the grill along with fresh garden veggies, the first drive-in outing of the season, sitting under the stars with the family, unexpected hugs from Noah under those stars, the goosebump feeling every time I see an American flag blowing in the breeze, a standing ovation for veterans at a small town parade, getting out the camera and playing, capturing memories, seeing the kids laughing on the carnival rides, an ice cold lemon shake up, holding hands while strolling down the sidewalk, making the most of life's moments...whether it's a valley or a mountain,
or somewhere in between.


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