Sunday, June 26, 2011

All these years...

Tim and I are home from a wonderfully romantic weekend at the lake.  Eighteen years ago, we honeymooned at Kentucky Lake and have been returning every few years or so.  We try to combine each trip with a mixture of old favorites and new finds.  More important than anything we do however, is just the planned one on one time we get to reconnect as a couple.

This year was our first to vacation at the lake as boat owners.  I remember the many trips we'd made before, lingering at the piers and wishing.  Our "lil piddly", as I deemed her this trip, may not be a regal or majestic vessel like what surrounded us, but she got us where we wanted to go.  Whether we were bird watching, fishing, or speeding down the waterway, we thoroughly enjoyed our hours in the boat this weekend.  The largest part of the time, Tim would fish, I would read, and we'd listen to old country songs in the background.  Our first night there the weather cooperated and we soaked in a sunset while rocking gently on the glistening lake, hand in hand.

No plans or itineraries were made for this mini getaway, which is not the norm for me, but I wanted to be free to do whatever, whenever.  We were intentionally lazy, napping midday, or when a thunderstorm soaked other plans. Diets were tossed out the window at our first stop to fuel up, as we binged on road trip goodies and mega fountain sodas.  A trip to the lake is not complete without a stop at the Liteside Cafe for a scrumptious muffin (or two), or a meal at Patti's, which usually includes their famous two inch pork chops.  We grilled at our cabin one night and enjoyed lots of time on the back deck overlooking the lake. 

I enjoyed reading there one morning, while Tim went on an early fishing outing.  At the beginning of the third book in the series, the author wrote a dedication to her husband.  I connected to her words and felt it was an accurate description for Tim and me.  "I could fill a thousand book with words of love and still not have shared but a small portion of who you are to me." -Cindy Woodsmall

I felt then it was a beautiful way to sum up our weekend, our marriage, and our life together.  All those years ago, as I stood before him and said "I do" I didn't think it possible to love him more.  Now, I know love grows with each passing day, as the life you make together just strengthens it.  Whether it be through the joyous times, or those of pain, each milestone, every moment and memory adds to your relationship.  But to truly describe all that Tim is to me...impossible.  There are no words, as what we have can only be shared through the heart.  What I can say is that this weekend was amazing and I am beyond blessed to share my life with such a man!


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