Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blair's (Evening) Bistro

One of my favorite ways to have dinner in the summer is outside on the deck.  The best time is at dusk, just as the sun is setting.  The sky is a warm and cool mixture, with hues of orange and red blending into blue.  As if by cue, the rope lights cast a soft glow around our outside room.  Although the stars are not yet visible, the twinkle from fireflies dance in the yard below.  This was exactly the atmosphere we had the pleasure of enjoying on Saturday for our impromptu date night. 

Noah made plans yesterday afternoon to spend the night with his cousins, so Tim and I knew we'd have the evening to ourselves.  After weighing going out vs staying in, we opted for a simple night at home.  Sure, we  like eating out and being waited on and watching a movie on the big screen, but I knew I could recreate the same night (if not better) - and certainly cheaper - at the house.  Appetizers on the deck...check.  Steak dinner...check.  Popcorn and movie on the couch later in the night....check and check!  The best part was, there was no late drive home, long waits or tips, or whispers and cell phone interrupting the movie.

It was an ideal date night, as the weather was beautiful, the steak was mouthwatering, the movie a sweet romantic comedy (he let me pick!) and the company - perfect.  For an unplanned, last minute evening, I don't know how it could've been any better.  And, I'm pretty sure it was good enough that he'll ask me out again!


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