Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lost in the pages

I'm reading a new book.  It seems every summer I pick out one of the fattest novels I can find to savor on the weekends and whenever I get a chance to read.  This summer, I am reading, "Sisters of the Quilt" by Cindy Woodsmall.  It is actually a trilogy, three books rolled into one, although I'm still on the first.

I started reading it a couple weekends ago on the boat.  Actually, I picked it out while Tim was purchasing his fishing license and bait for our Sunday afternoon outing.  While I enjoy fishing, I can only do it for so long.  Reading though is something I could get lost in for hours.

This series is set in an Amish community, is Christian based, and faith inspired.  Although I'm only a few chapters in, I'm hooked, anxiously awaiting the next time my hands can wrap around the large spine of the book.  I'm connected to the lead character, Hannah, who faces tragedy both personally and through events within her family.  Though only 17, her faith is strong but wavers in these uncertain moments.

My love of books is a mixture of what my mother passed down to me and my innate desire to write, almost since birth.  As a child, I remember my mom reading to me and how excited I was when I first learned to read to myself.  I would read for hours on end and usually my mom would be right beside me, doing the same.  That early foundation for reading is probably what influenced my love to write.  Words would jump out to me from a book and I would think to myself, I want to do this someday!

Writing a book has been an evolving dream of mine for years.  I used to think I wanted to write children's books but life has a way of shifting the course of your journey.  Now, I hope my first book is life inspired and will help other's facing child loss.  Between this blog, and the memorial blog I started for Austin shortly after his passing, I'm sure several chapters have already been formed.  ...Someday.

For now, I enjoy writing for this blog, as well as reading whenever I make the time.  This long weekend ahead will certainly be the perfect opportunity to lose myself in a chapter or two...or three or four!


Anonymous said...

I read this series and it is great. You ought to see my shelf full of Amish books that I have read.

Heather said...

I love the Amish culture and for some reason have always been drawn to it. ...of course, I can't "see" your shelf of books if I don't know who you are though anonymous :)

staci scott said...

Ive read that book. I read a lot of amish books

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