Monday, June 13, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend

Is it really Monday?...already?  Wow - where did the weekend go!?  That short window of freedom, from Friday evening to Sunday night, always seems to pass quickly but never as much as during the summer. 

Maybe it is because we try to cram so much into them that it makes the time go by so fast? It's just our way of enjoying every moment, I guess. Even the sun tries to stretch out the days as long as he can, sinking into the skyline as slowly as possible.  In the summer, day and night seem to dance together a bit longer, as twilight lingers.  We certainly soaked up every minute of our weekend, which was wonderful at the time but surely makes Monday difficult to face! 

Friday night Noah was my travel buddy again as we visited another Relay For Life in Christian county.  Noah had never been to Hopkinsville so he was excited to see another part of the state.  Top of his list was seeing the helicopter on the stand and hearing about Ft. Campbell, Western State Hospital (though he was disappointed he couldn't go on a tour) and the many edible treats at Relay, including walkin' tacos, grilled corn on the cob and fried oreos. 

But, I think what made his smile the biggest though, were the two young girls flirting with him on the track.  He made one loop and returned to me, with a smile the spanned from ear to ear saying, "Well, I guess I still got it!" as he retold the story of being informed he was "liked".  This was an especially timely ego boost, as his girlfriend had texted him earlier that day to break up.  Her excuse was that it was too hard in the summer, so Noah laughed as we left the event later that night, wondering how that long distance of a relationship would work, had he accepted their offers.

Saturday was just as eventful, as Mom cashed in her dinner coupon I.O.U. I gave her for Mother's Day.  Noah and I picked her up that morning and we didn't return her home until early evening.  We spent the day in Bowling Green, laughing, shopping, eating sushi, laughing, shopping and enjoying time together.  No sooner than we pulled into the driveway at home to get Tim, we were pulling right back out, trying to make it to the Drive-In.  Even a random thunderstorm in the middle of the second movie couldn't rain on our fun though, as we scrambled into the truck to see the ending.  It was a wonderful, family-filled day - and night!

And, as much as I would've enjoyed sleeping in a bit longer on Sunday, it was too beautiful of a day to waste a moment indoors.  Like a precision race team, we loaded the truck, changed into swimwear and were out on the river by lunch-thirty.  The weather was absolutely amazing, mid 80's, no humidity, slight breeze and it was the perfect temperature for a shady fishing hole.  Tim and Noah battled with their poles, trying to out fish each other, while I kicked back and took in several chapters of a new book.  The boat rocked us gently, and our stresses of the week melted into the liquid silk that surrounded us.

We made it home just as the sun was calling it a day, cheated and ordered pizza in, and snuggled on the couch for some tv time.  The entire weekend was spontaneous, jam-packed, sprinkled with laughter, and cushioned with family from beginning to end.  I feel blessed to have enjoyed each and every precious morsel!


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