Sunday, June 19, 2011

For Father's Day

Today is Father's Day.  I imagine this holiday is hard on Tim, as I know the assault of emotions that come over me on Mother's Day.  I started my day in prayer for him, have continued prayers throughout the day, and will end it the same way. 

When you have children in two worlds, days like today are beyond difficult.  You miss and long for the child that has passed on, but you also treasure and love the one who remains.  Your soul feels torn, wavering between the two.

What I know for sure, is that I could not have picked a better father for my children.  In the nearly 17 years that Tim has been a Dad, I've continually been amazed at his unselfish love and devotion to his boys.

Of course, Austin was our first.  I know that makes today even harder for him.  I'll share a post from Austin's blog about how we learned of our pregnancy. 
How it all began...

But of course, Austin said it best about his Dad with this -
In Austin's words...

All that doesn't overshadow the wonderful relationship Tim also has with Noah.  Our "little" eleven year old now nearly looks Tim in the eye, with shoulders broadly stretching to reach the same frame as his Dad's.  Noah takes after Tim in so many other ways as well, especially their personalities.  Neither has ever met a stranger and both will talk your ears off (whether you want them to or not)! 

I love to watch them banter and pick each other, shoot hoops together, fight about who caught the biggest fish, and the sweetest of all - when Noah still seeks to snuggle on his Dad's strong arm.  From birth, that has been his safe spot.  Whether he awoke from a nightmare, was sick, or just needed some Dad time, that crook in Tim's arm, between his shoulder and elbow, was the only pillow Noah needed to drift off into dreamland.  I hope Noah never outgrows this, at least in knowing his Dad is always there for him, with loving support and open arms.

Happy Father's Day to the best possible "Dad" I could have have chosen for my children.  God truly blessed me with Tim.


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