Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Date Night

Romance has been in the air at the Blair house this week and it's not just because our anniversary was yesterday.  Tim and I admittedly have been wrapped up in each other, reliving the moments and memories of our early dates and wedding, as well as planning our upcoming mini-vacation we'll be taking this weekend to celebrate.  But, the mirror checks, sweaty palms, and constant time checking came from our son, Noah, as he eagerly awaited his "first" date.

Over the weekend Noah secured himself a new girlfriend.  This was quickly apparent to me from the never ending ding of the texts he received on Saturday night.  By Sunday afternoon, he was asking when he might be able to go out to a movie with her.    We opted for the bargain show on Monday at 5 pm.  Though it was barely over 24 hours away, you'd thought by his reactions it was a decade-long wait.

Even though he had the option of sleeping in on Monday morning, soon as my coffee rustling routine awoke him, he bounced out of the bed, wide awake.  With a kiss, I was out the door to start my day at work.  Tim was close behind me, but not until after he called to report Noah's activity.  Without asking (never happens!) he was in the shower, already getting ready for his early evening date.  Even though Tim advised him against it, he was dressed from head to toe, cologne included, before 9 a.m.

I called to check in on him around lunch and he informed me that he'd taken off his shirt to eat - smart move - but was officially counting down the hours.  When I arrived home that afternoon, he went back through the routines I'm sure he'd done a billion times over that day.  Hair...check.  Teeth...check.  Cologne...check.  Wallet...check.

Mom went through her own routine of questions and advice and a fair shake of warnings.  I asked him what movie they were seeing and he smiled.  "Well, I let her pick," he said,  "And she told me that made me the sweetest boyfriend she's ever had."  He then said, counting his money, "How much are tickets?"  I told him my best guess, since it was a bargain show and he replied, "Ok, because I plan to be a gentleman and pay for hers."  This was my smiling moment but I had to do it privately so that he would continue talking to me.

We arrived to the movies way ahead of time because he all but pushed me out the door to get there.  Although he would've preferred to shoot me a quick kiss and have me leave, I stayed put.  I promised him I'd stay in the truck, not to embarrass him, but I had to see her and know that her parents truly knew this was a date.  My comment of "I was once a 6th grader too you know" prompted him to shoot back with a "yeah, a hundred years ago" and a grin.

He did sweetly hug and kiss me, as well as thank me for bringing him prior to anyone seeing the interaction.  By his behavior change, I could sense that his girlfriend had arrived.  He made his way to the theatre door and moments later a hoard of females followed.  I caught glimpse of "the girl" who was cute as could be, wearing a sweet little sundress and even a flower in her hair.  What was humorous, but I guess expected with a girl, her little sister and mom were just steps behind her. 

Later, when I got a brief telling of the evening, Noah said her family sat six rows behind them.  He emphasized six rows so I'm sure he felt the momma's eyes on the back of his neck.  Even still, he seemed to have a good time and enjoyed his first date.  Although it makes me a little weepy, thinking my baby boy is old enough to have this "first" already, I'm happy for him.  He certainly is having a summer to remember! 


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