Thursday, July 7, 2011

Big Brother

Tonight is the premiere of my favorite summertime guilty TV pleasure - Big Brother.  I've loved the show since the very beginning and so did Austin.  He always loved that it premiered on his birthday week.  In fact, one year the show date opened on his birthday and the night of our party. 

Austin was disappointed but we couldn't watch it live but laughed when the outside surround speakers started airing the show.  (Our surround sound is connected to our home tv and so when the DVR changed from the music channel we were listening to, to the recorded "Big Brother" show, it broad casted it over the outdoor speakers.)

In honor of the title of the show, I'm taking to you to a post I wrote on Austin's site about the relationship he had with his little brother.  My heart still aches in knowing the void Noah feels in his loss of his big brother, but I know Austin would be very proud of his little buddy.  Noah is like Austin in so many ways - but it was because he was such a great role model and because he was ...the Best Big Brother in the World.


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