Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Vacation Memories

Back from our lazy lake vacation, kissed by the sun and relaxed.  Here's a few of our favorite joy-filled moments that didn't involve the lake....We'll save that post for tomorrow.  So many memories to little space!

5 days...5 pieces of luggage
Mad Libs on the road
Jerky sticks and RC
"Are we there yet?!"
Medicated puppies and prayers for clean back seats
Clean back seats
Singing to the radio
Little cabin in the woods
Steaks on a charcoal grill
Afternoon naps
Family giggles
Ice cream every night
3 people and 2 dogs piled into one bed, even though we had two
Enchanted evening in Paris
yellow butterflies
Penny Poker
Midnight Snacks
"Is anybody open on Monday!!??!!"
The search for the 70 foot tower
Turtles, birds and snakes - oh my!

but the best...
hugs from my sweet 11 year old boy
on the first night at our cabin saying,
"thanks for the best vacation EVER!"


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