Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Hero

This will be the start of a very busy time for Tim, as plans begin for the construction of a new station.  As their current station is over 60 years old, this is such a timely blessing.

Shortly after losing Austin, a grant opportunity came about that could potentially award the department with $500,000.  It was an extremely long process with hundreds of man hours, rough drafts, research, and proposals.  As time consuming as it was, I know the distraction from grief and pain was welcome for him.  It gave him a mission and something to keep busy with. 

Through it all, Tim never gave up or lost hope that the award would come through.  A single text announcing the news brought Tim more joy than I could've imagined and has kept him soaring ever since.  The only sadness that lingers, is Tim wishing Austin could be here to see it happen. 

Austin was Tim's shadow everywhere but never more than when the fire department was concerned.  Tim was so proud when Austin joined the department as a junior firefighter.  I'm just glad they had this extra special time to spend together.  To learn more of Austin's brief but impactful time with the department click here - True Hero.


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